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Modesto Junior College

Academic Development


The Modesto Junior College Football Program believes first, and foremost, that our players truly are Students first-Athletes second.  We realize that the most important part of our players' success at the next level starts with our very own Pirates Academic Development Plan.  Through the guidance of our own Director of Academic Development, steady grade checks, on-campus tutoring/study hours, and available full-time Athletic/Academic Counseling, our Pirate Student-Athletes are able to reach their goals, both on the field and in the classroom.


Priority Registration

Student-Athletes at Modesto Junior College receive Priority Registration.  This unique benefit allows our players to register for their coursework at the earliest time permitted.  In turn, they are able to schedule classes around practice/meeting times so that there is a limited conflict with their required coursework.  By registering earlier than the general public, more classes are available and our Student-Athletes show more progress through their Academic Plan.  This straightforward approach makes it a much smoother transition out of Modesto Junior College when it comes time for 4-year coaches to recruit our players.  To receive Priority Registration, our Student-Athletes MUST be enrolled by early-May and have completed their Math/English Assessment Tests.


Grade Check System

The Pirate Football Grade Check system allows our players to stay up-to-date with their coursework, while allowing the coaching staff to monitor trouble areas within their academic progress.  Grade checks are used every 2 weeks throughout the semester.  Once filled out by their instructors, Student-Athletes return them to our Director of Academic Development for review.  Given that MJC Football strongly believes in the Academic Development our Student-Athletes, failure to participate in the Grade Check System results in consequences.

Copy of Grade Check Form

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On-Campus Tutoring

One of the many benefits of becoming a Pirate Football Student-Athlete is the amount of available tutoring through our MJC Integrated Learning Center.  No matter what subject our players need help with, there is a study-skills tutor available that can assist with their needs.  Pirate Student-Athletes who are designated by our Director of Academic Development as "at risk" are required to attend specific study hours so that NO player falls through the cracks.


Library Hours

As a Pirate Football Student-Athlete, all players are required to actively attend Study Hours in the Modesto Junior College Library for a total of 4 hours per week.  Student-athletes that fail to meet their total by Friday afternoon will be required to makeup insufficient hours after Friday Walkthrough Sessions instead of attending our Team-building Seminars.  Those student-athletes who are unable to meet their total after a Friday Walkthrough Session will NOT be able to dress and participate in the upcoming game.  Library hours can be achieved in either one of the two libraries in the Modesto Junior College system (East and West campuses).


Full-Time Athletic/Academic Counselor 

Available to all of our players is a counselor dedicated solely to our Student-Athletes and their academic progress.  Class schedules, assessments, and any other Academic-related issues are taken care of by our counselor throughout our players' time at Modesto Junior College.  This underlines the commitment of our program to the Academic Development of our Student-Athletes.

--Click here to visit Tina Giron's Faculty Page

Athletic/Academic Counselor:
Tina Giron


Transfer Agreements with Top Universities

Modesto Junior College has Transfer Agreement Guarantees (TAGs) with top UC, CSU, and Private Universities in our area.  The Transfer Admission Guarantee Program offers guaranteed admission to qualified junior-level transfers. A TAG serves as a contract that guarantees your admission to a specific campus upon completion of your 60 units, major preparation and general education courses.


Complete Academic Plan 

Every Pirate Football Student-Athlete must start to think "School first, Football second" when enrolled at Modesto Junior College.  To assist with this, every player must complete a Full Academic Plan that sets their course for their time on campus as a Pirate.  This plan will allow them to know what courses to expect to take during each semester at MJC, with no hidden surprises.  Our Athletic/Academic Counselor schedules individual appointments with each Pirate Student-Athlete to ensure their plan is complete.


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