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Modesto Junior College

Where are the now?

If your information has changed or if you played prior to Coach Aristotelous taking over the team, please contact him to update your information.  Let's get every Pirate on here!


Abby Barton---San Jose State---Graduate

Adrianna Ambriz—Played at S.F. State—studying to become a nurse

Alicia Nava---Currently enrolled in San Marcos---Graduate

Allie Steele---Mills College

Allysin Gehring---Stanislaus State Graduate

Amy Beeman---U.C. San Diego Graduate…master’s in psychology

Amy Sturgil---Forrest Ranger

Annabel Perez---Cal State Stanislaus

Babia Legatos---Cal. State Stanislaus Graduate

Brenna Noguez---Cal State Monterey Bay.

Breanna Ewert--Cal State Stanislaus 

Candace Brennen—Fresno State Graduate

Cassie Gause---Cal State Fullerton

Carli Genzoli---Cal State East Bay—Graduate

Cheyanne Plumber---Cal State Stanislaus---Graduate

Colleen Moore---Cal State Stanislaus

Cynthia Gonzalez---Sacramento State Graduate

Dee Dee McCoullogh---Stanislaus State Graduate--Teacher

Desiree Pino---Cascade---Graduate---Teacher

Ellie Tognolini---S.F. State Graduate

Emily Curran---Cal Poly San Luis Obispo---Graduate

Erica Trisler---Cal State Stanislaus---Graduate

Erin Hafeman---U.C. Davis Graduate.

Erin Sakata---South Dakota State---Graduate

Gabby Acosta---Chico State

Haley Ewert---San Marcos College---Graduate

Haley Smithers Navy (intelligence)

Heidi Larsen-- Holy Names---nursing.

Helena Hoover-- Chico State

Jamilexcth Becerra-- San Jose State

Jaime DeRollo---Fresno State Graduate---Athletic Trainer Modesto Junior College.

Jaimee Rocha---Tennessee Tech

Janneli Arreygue---Fresno State Graduate

Jenna Coates—Cal Stanislaus State…All-American at MJC.--Graduate

Jessica Hendricks---Cal State Monterey Bay

Jessica Nila---Cal State Los Angeles Graduate

Jessica Kelley---Stanislaus State Graduate

Julia Lennert--Cal State Monterey Bay

Kacey Ball---Graduate, master's degree

Kathryn Mc Ewen—U.C. Davis Graduate

Katie Cooke---S.F. State, Graduate---police dispatcher

Kayla Messer---Stanislaus State Graduate

Keshia Watson---Marymount University

Kellie Piazza---Minot State

Krista Messer----Stanislaus State Graduate

Kym Gause---Cal State Bakersfield---Graduate---Goal Keeper Coach University Hawaii Pacific

Lauren Bean---Utah State---Utah State Graduate, Springfield College (Massachusetts) Master's Degree currently athletic director and physical educator

Lauren Romero---played at Menlo---Graduate

Lisa Detherage---Stanislaus State Graduate—credential program

Maggie Hogan---U.S.C. Graduate

Makayla Whitney--Cal State Monterey Bay---Graduate

Marissa Rouse--Tennessee Tech Graduate

Maria Georgiou---S.F. State Graduate

Melanie Paderes---Stanislaus State Graduate

Melissa Golmebeck---Cal State East Bay---Graduate, master's degree

Myrna Cadenas---Sacramento State Graduate

Nicole Delang---Police Academy--police officer

Noel Thompson---Azusa Pacific

Olga Layne---cal state L.A., nursing school

Rachel Roberts---San Diego State Graduate

Reanna Schmitt---Minot State

Rylee McCown---Chico State

Sara Latham--Houston, Cal State Stanislaus, Graduate

Sarah Jacobs---Graduate, Accountant

Sheri McGuirre---Sacramento State

Tara Deboer---Stanislaus State Graduate, Med school U.C. Santa Cruz

Vanessa Stanfield---Cal State Stanislaus Graduate

Vorie Miller---Navy

Whitney Buchanan---Cal State East Bay,Graduate

Yajahira Valdivia---Cal State Stanislaus, Graduate

Yariza Arista---San Jose State



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