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Modesto Junior College

Accreditation 2017

V2 New drafts for review and feedback

This section contains the ISER narrative drafts that have undergone revision to align with the updated Guide to Evaluating and Improving Institutions published by ACCJC January 2017. Feedback on the V2 drafts is welcome and encouraged as the writing team continues to hone the narrative and strengthen the body of evidence in support of MJC’s ISER.

The narratives for all other Standards are available below. You can access the versions with track changes to view the transition from the earlier drafts to the format aligned with the new guide. All of the narrative that has been edited from earlier drafts has been saved, and in cases where applicable, has been incorporated into the body of evidence. Thank you for your ongoing investment in our institutional self-evaluation process.

In order to ensure your recommended edits are reviewed, please submit your document with the review setting "TRACK CHANGES" to Amanda Cannon

Functional Map


Version 2
Standard I - Mission, Academic Quality, Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

Version 2: Standard I A Narrative - V.2.1 (3/23/17)
Version 2: Standard I A Narrative (Track Changes) - V.2.1 (3/23/17)

Archived Standard Narratives
Standard I - Mission, Academic Quality, Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

Standard I A-C Narrative - V.10 (3/16/17)

Standard II - Student Learning Programs and Support Services

Standard II A-C:Narrative - V.10 (3/16/17)

Standard III - Resources

Standard III A: Human Resources - V.10 (3/16/17)

Standard III B: Physical Resources - V.10 (3/16/17)

Standard III C: Technology Resources - V.10 (3/16/17)

Standard III D: Financial Resources - V.11 (3/23/17)

Standard IV - Leadership and Governance

Standard IV A-D: Narrative -  V.10 (3/16/17)


Important Accreditation Dates       
tri chair members


Evidence templates and links can be found HERE.

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