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CCSSE Student Survey Planning for 2017

Student Surveys Update: April 17

The Office of Research and Planning is currently coordinating two national student surveys that are being conducted with our students during Spring semester 2017. These surveys are the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and the new Survey of Online Student Engagement (SOSE)

Based at the University of Texas at Austin Program in Higher Education Leadership, the CCSSE is grounded in extensive national research on the factors most positively associated with student engagement and student success. The CCSSE has been conducted at MJC since 2006, while the SOSE is a new survey of online students which is being pilot tested at MJC and other two-year colleges nationwide in 2017.

Several hundred colleges across the U.S. are participating in the 2017 CCSSE and the SOSE. 15 colleges from California besides MJC are participating in the 2017 CCSSE survey, including Bakersfield College, Barstow Community College, Berkeley City College, Butte College, Cerro Soso Community College, City College of San Francisco, College of Alameda, Crafton Hills College, Fresno City College, Laney College, Merritt College, Norco College, Palo Verde College, Porterville College, and Santa Monica College.  Several Achieving the Dream (ATD) colleges across the U.S. are also participating.



*  The 2017 CCSSE survey is finished! As of April 13, all 47 courses have already collected their survey results, and nearly 1200 completed surveys have been returned to the Office of Research and Planning. 

*  Since March 1st, the CCSSE has been underway on campus, and 47 out of the 48 Spring 2017 courses recommended by CCSSE agreed to participate in this survey (98% of total recommended courses). This is the highest level of campus participation in the history of this campus!   With assistance from our Student Success Specialists and several staff members on campus, and with the gracious support from our course instructors and Division deans, we have received an overwhelming interest in this survey. 

Thank you, everyone, for helping to make this survey a great success!! 


The year 2017 represents the 6th time that MJC has participated in the CCSSE since 2006. The previous results of this survey have enabled us to assess our overall institutional effectiveness in terms of 10-year key performance trends. such as student-faculty interaction, support for student success, and level of academic challenge.

In 2017, the results of this survey will allow us to share with our campus community and other stakeholders just how much we have accomplished in our hard work at promoting and measuring our accomplishments--and our areas of continuing needed improvement--from the perspective of our students. 

*** In March, CCSSE released an important new report based on its summary of previous nation-wide survey results from several hundred community college campuses. This report is a "must-read" for all at MJC who have interest in issues of how our students manage their finances in order to attend MJC. The report is called Making Ends Meet: The Role of Community Colleges in Student Financial Health


(1) When is the CCSSE being conducted on campus? The month of March was the designated month for conducting the survey. By April 3, only one course was left to be surveyed.
(2) How long does it take? The survey takes approximately 45 minutes. 
(3) Were instructors notified in advance if their class was recommended for the survey? 
Instructors whose courses were recommended by CCSSE were contacted in advance in order to schedule the desired date for administration of the survey in their classrooms. 
(4) Which classes were surveyed? A total of 48 specific course sections were recommended by CCSSE to participate in the 2017 survey. The actual course sections recommended by CCSSE for survey participation are available here
(5) What is the actual survey process? Administration of the surveys in classrooms on both campuses was assisted by a team of MJC Student Success Specialists affiliated with the MJC Office of Access, Retention & Student Success and several other staff members from MJC.  
(6) What do the surveys look like? The 2017 CCSSE standard survey instrument, which is being completed by students using pencil (provided), is available here. The custom questions specific to MJC are available here.



In 2017, MJC is providing a field test of the new Survey of Online Student Engagement (SOSE). This survey is designed as an online survey for students who are only enrolled in online courses at MJC during Spring 2017. A copy of the SOSE survey instrument is available here. This survey will remain open until approximately April 30th.

PROGRESS REPORT: The link for the online SOSE was announced by Mike Smedshammer via Canvas during the week of March 6th. We estimate that as many as 1750 MJC online students will be eligible to participate in the SOSE.  As of April 3, more than 130 eligible students have already participated.  Our CCSSE/SOSE contact at the University of Texas has verified that we are making excellent progress in gathering essential student feedback.


Questions about the CCSSE and SOSE surveys at MJC may be directed to Scott Kerlin, who is serving as MJC campus coordinator for the CCSSE. 

** For general information please visit About the CCSSE and the CCSSE Talking Points resource.

*** For details about the previous offering of the CCSSE at MJC visit the CCSSE 2015 information page.            

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