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Modesto Junior College

ADN Online Application

The annual ADN Online Application period is May 1st through May 31st.

 ADN Online Application Instructions

BEFORE YOU START THE ONLINE APPLICATION: If you are not currently a Modesto Junior College (MJC) student, you must apply online at Students will receive their Student ID ‘W’ number via email within three business days of applying.


  1. Applications are accepted for the ADN program once per year from May 1 through May 31. Students are selected from the annual applicant pool for both fall and spring semesters of the upcoming year. Applicants must indicate which campus they would like to attend the nursing classes; Options are MJC or Columbia College. An applicant may not select both.
  2. All applicants must be in good standing.
  3. Applicants will be selected based on a multicriteria screening process modeled after Assembly Bill 548. Selected applicants will be required to provide information in five separate categories and will be awarded points based on the information provided. After the application period closes, the applicant pool is separated into two pools; applicants selecting the MJC campus and those applicants selecting the Columbia College campus. Initially 120 applicants for the MJC campus and the 40 applicants for the Columbia College campus with the highest points will be selected to provide supporting documentation. The final pool will consist of eighty students for the MJC campus and 20 students for the Columbia College campus. Students will be randomized for the fall and spring semesters and a randomized selection process will be used to prioritize students with tied points.
  4. The LVN to ADN Advanced Placement Pathway applicants and applicants transferring from other nursing programs will be placed in separate applicant pools. Selection is competitive and on a space available basis. Attempts are made to honor the applicant’s preference of attending classes on either the MJC or the Columbia College campus. Placement into the program will be determined on a case by case basis according to educational background.
  5. Applicants must have an MJC student identification ‘W’ number, PiratesNet password, and an MJC student email address. All correspondence from the college regarding the application will be sent to the MJC student email address. It is the student’s responsibility to review and respond to email within prescribed timelines.
  6. The online application automatically saves information each time the applicant clicks SAVE and RETURN LATER (will close page) or the SAVE and CONTINUE (will take you to next page.) If required information is omitted for a section of the application, the applicant will not be able to SAVE and CONTINUE to the next section. During the application period, the applicant can SAVE and RETURN LATER to finish or make changes to the application without losing information. Once the application is completed and reviewed, click the SUBMIT button. After the application period closes, changes cannot be made to the application.
  7. The online application is set to TIME OUT after 15 minutes; therefore be sure to click SAVE and CONTINUE or SAVE and RETURN LATER frequently to avoid losing information.
  8. Do NOT use the BACK ARROW for your browser. Use the BACK button on the bottom of the online application page.
  9. Once the online application is submitted, a CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT OF APPLICATION will be sent to MJC student’s email account. The email will include links to the ONLINE NURSING APPLICATION and the application SUMMARY. If you do not receive a CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT OF APPLICATION to your MJC student email account within 24 hours, check the Spam folder. If the email is not in the Spam folder, send an email to and report the problem.
  10. After receiving the online application, emails will be sent regarding the applicant’s status. For an explanation of status codes and definitions, see Status Definitions and Codes for the ADN Online Application. Status codes may change for some applicants, so applicants are encouraged to check their status code weekly if they were initially a qualified applicant who was not selected.
  11. For technical problems while completing the online application, send an email In the subject line of the email, enter APPLICATION ERROR CLAIM.
  12. For questions related to the application content, send an email to not call the Allied Health office to check on the status of your application.
  13. After all of the online applications have been prioritized according to points, the top applicants will be asked to provide supporting documentation.
  14. The application SUMMARY will include the points received for the criteria on the online application as well as the required documentation to provide if selected to provide documentation. Being selected to provide supporting documentation does not mean program acceptance, but it does mean you are amongst the top candidates being considered.
  15. To print out the Supporting Document Form install Adobe Reader on your computer. Supporting Documentation Forms
  16. If selected to provide supporting documentation (i.e. official academic transcripts, Math Assessment Test score from another California Community College, Advanced Placement scores from the Advanced Placement Board, TEAS score, Supporting Documentation Forms, licenses or certifications, or verification of veteran status (DD-214), submit all required documentation in person or by mail by the specified deadline. To receive points for a college degree, the degree must be posted on the official transcript. We recommend that you have all documentation available at time of application. If you have current official transcripts, AP scores or Assessment Test results on file in MJC Enrollment Services or in the Columbia College Records Office, you will not need to submit additional official copies.
  17. IMPORTANT: All students must submit a copy of their application SUMMARY as evidence of interest in the program even if transcripts are already on file the MJC Records office.
  18. Supporting documentation will be used to determine program eligibility. Incomplete or inconsistent documentation will automatically disqualify the applicant.
  19. If you believe an error was made in processing the application, send an email to In the subject line of email enter APPLICATION PROCESSING CLAIM.
  20. Applicants applying for the first semester of the ADN program will be disqualified for entering prerequisite coursework from non-accredited institutions. Applicants applying as transfers from other nursing programs or LVNs from non-accredited institutions will be determined on a case-by-case basis. To determine if a college is accredited by one of the accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. click on
  21. To submit an Advanced Placement score to meet the Math Competency or the English 101 prerequisite, contact the Advanced Placement Board and request that AP Score(s) be sent to MJC Enrollment Services. On this application you must enter a letter grade of C for an AP score. If you completed English 103, you may enter the letter grade for that course in lieu of the C for the English AP score.
  22. Math Assessment Test scores will be accepted from any California community college. Make a specific request for the Math Assessment Test score to be sent to MJC Enrollment Services as assessment test scores are not included on official transcripts.
  23. Students with a degree from outside the United States must have transcripts evaluated by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). An evaluation report must be submitted to the MJC Records Office. Credit for program prerequisites on foreign transcripts is determined by the academic division offering that specific course content.
  24. For more information, click Links to additional information.NOTE: Program information posted on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter should NOT be referenced or considered official MJC information.
  25. ADN Online Application:

Reminder: Do not call the Allied Health office to check on the status of your application. 

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