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Anthropology provides multicultural coursework on all peoples, all places, and all times through a selection of offerings to meet transfer students' needs and life-long learners' interests, integrating practical materials into our lessons to provide intellectual engagements concerning human adaptation, evolution and cultural variation.  Anthropology at MJC offers a comprehensive program of introductory courses that are fully articulated and transferable to all CSUs and the University of California

Thinking of a major in anthropology?  Here are some data about transfer from MJC, and recommended steps for students to take.  NOTE: You don’t have to know or decide now whether you want to transfer to a CSU or UC, but plan now to make sure that you on are the path to take the classes that you need.

California State University (CSU).  Top 5 schools for MJC anthro majors who transfer to a CSU (61 total students, 2007-2017):  Stan State (51%); San Francisco State (13%); Sacramento State (10%); Humboldt State (10%); Sonoma State (7%).

To transfer to a CSU, we highly recommend that you:

  • Complete the AA-T Transfer Degree in Anthropology, scroll down to pg. 159 in catalog link.  If you want to transfer to a CSU, completing these courses, this degree and maintain the required minimum GPA, and you are guaranteed admission to at least one CSU.
  • Consult with MJC anthropology faculty (see below for contact information).
  • Complete an Educational Plan with an MJC Counselor.
  • Visit the MJC Transfer Center.

University of California (UC).  Top 4 schools for MJC anthro majors who transfer to a UC (26 total students, 2007-2017):  UC Santa Cruz (27%); UC Berkeley (19%); UCLA (15%); UC Davis (12%).

To transfer to a UC, we highly recommend that you

  • Complete the Certification of Achievement: IGETC Pattern.  IGETC stands for Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum.
  • Complete a Transfer Agreement Guarantee or TAG.  This agreement is a contract with one UC school.  It outlines that you agree to take certain courses and maintain a certain GPA, and in return you are guaranteed admission into that one UC school.  Currently MJC has this TAG agreement with UCD, UCI, UCM, UCR, UCSB and UCSC.
  • Consult with MJC anthropology faculty (see below for contact information).
  • Complete an Educational Plan with an MJC Counselor.
  • Visit the MJC Transfer Center.
  • Research The Blue and Gold Program: UC financial assistance and grants.

Come see one of us to get you started on planning your college transfer!

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Dr. Susan Kerr
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