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Biology, Botany and Zoology

Biology picture

The study of biology includes various aspects of life, including basic organization
(molecular, cellular, tissues, organs), how organisms function, their roles in the
natural environment, how hereditary information is transferred, and development of


Upon satisfactory completion of this award, the student should be prepared to:
1. Apply the scientific method of discovery to problem solving situations in biology, mathematics, and chemistry.
2. Proficiently use the scientifi c vocabulary, including the key terms and concepts in biology, chemistry, and mathematics.


Biology Courses:

BIO 50 Basic Biology  
BIO 101 Biological Principles  
BIO 111 General Biology  
BIO 114 Introduction to Ecology  
BIO 115 Genetics, Evolution, and Society  
BIO 116 Biology: Human Perspective  
BIO 140 Introduction to Martine Biology  
BIO 145 Introduction to Freshwater Biology  

Botany Courses:

BOT 101 General Botany  


Zoology Courses:

ZOOL 101 General Zoology  

Full Time Staff

Curtis, Teri 
Title:    Professor of Biology, Zoology
Office:  Science Community Center Room 233
Phone: (209) 575-6775

Gervin, Dr. Dennis
Title: Professor of Biology
Office: Science Community Center Room 2238
Phone: (209) 575-6767

Greene, Catherine
Title:     Professor of Biology
Office:   Science Community Center Room 235
Phone:  (209) 575-6783

Jones, Devin
Title:     Instructional Support Technician
Office:   Science Community Center Room 215B
Phone:  (209) 575-6144

Lucas, Erynn
Title:     Professor of Microbiology
Office:   Science Community Center Room 245
Phone:  (209) 575-6293

Madden PhD,  Derek 
Title:     Professor of Biology
Office:   Science Community Center Room 243
Phone:  (209) 575-6292

McInnes, Elizabeth
Title:     Professor of Biology, Botany
Office:   Science Community Center Room 242
Phone:  (209) 575-6299

Mesenhimer, Sarah
Title:     Instructional Support Specialist
Office:   Science Community Center Room 215C
Phone:  (209) 575-6298

Richmond, Jennifer
Title:     Instructor off Biology
Office:   Science Community Center Room 235
Phone:  (209) 575-6752



Science, Mathematics & Engineering

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