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Modesto Junior College


So Much to See

These are but a few of the many current exhibits on display at the GVM.

* Current Rotating Exhibit

Monsters in your Backyard!  An exhibit with a special section focused on a fossil found here in our Central Valley.  Curated by MJC alumni Jake Biewer.  You won't believe what was found! 


*This exhibit runs until April 30th, 2016.

Native Californians


A look at Yokut and Miwok history and artifacts.

Science on a Sphere


See real-time worldwide events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and other phenomenon projected on a 1.5 meter sphere.

Central Valley Plants & Flowers


You see them everyday.  But did you know that some of our plants are fire-tolerant?

Animals of the Grassland


Skunks spray a smelly musk for protection when they feel threatened.  But you already knew that.

Museum Originals


From our first day in 1972, our Kodiak and polar bears have been regulars in the museum.

Live Animals


Native and exotic animals on display in the Discovery Room.  But please don't tap the glass!

Central Valley Habitats


Find out who or what might live in your backyard. Learn about the five habitats found in the Central Valley featuring native flora and fauna.

Birds of the Grassland


Look closely because there's lots of birds in those trees!

Great Valley Museum

Connect With Us

Great Valley Museum
Science Community Center
MJC West Campus
2201 Blue Gum Avenue
Modesto, CA 95358
209 575-6196
209 575-6466 fax


Museum Hours

Sunday closed
Monday closed
Tuesday 9 to 4
Wednesday 9 to 4
Thursday 9 to 4
Friday 9 to 4
Saturday 9 to 4

Parking on the MJC campus is $2 Monday - Friday. Please bring small bills. Parking is free after 5 pm on Fridays and all day on weekends. Please check our planetarium page for planetarium show times.