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Modesto Junior College
Due to ongoing poor air quality, Modesto Junior College will remain closed through Sunday, November 25. All classes and extracurricular activities on campus are cancelled during this time. MJC will reopen on Monday, November 26.

Evidence for Respiratory Care Substantive Change Proposal 2015

Links to Evidence  

1.    Senate Bill 850 (Block)

2.    Academic Senate Meeting Minutes, October 30, 2014

3.     College Council Minutes, October 27November 10November 24 BA was discussed.

4.     CCCCO Press Release: Twelve California Community Colleges receive final approval from Board of Governors to offer bachelor’s degrees

5.     Modesto Junior College Mission

6.     Modesto Junior College Catalog 2015-2016

7.     San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Daily Air Quality Forecast

8.     Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for Respiratory Therapists

9.    American Association of Respiratory Care Degree Advancement Programs in Respiratory Care

10.  Respiratory Therapists – Central Valley Region

11.  Letter of reaffirmation of accreditation dated February 7, 2014

12.  Respiratory Care Application Signature Page

13.  Modesto Junior College:  College Mission, Draft Strategic Directions and Draft College Goals

14.  Implementation Task Force Roster 1  
 Implementation Task Force Roster 2

15.  Modesto Junior College Testing Center

16.  Modesto Junior College Orientation

17.  Modesto Junior College Counseling

18.  Modesto Junior College Student Financial Services

19.  Modesto Junior  College Enrollment Services

20.  Respiratory Care Program Accreditation Status

21.  Modesto Junior College Outcomes Assessment Cycle

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23.  YCCD Board of Trustees Website

24.  YCCD Policy No. 4020:  Program and Curriculum Development

25.  YCCD Policy No. 2430: Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor

26.  YCCD Policy No. 2430.1: Delegation of Authority to the Presidents

27.  Data Mart Headcount Report 2013-2014

28.  2015 Student Success Scorecard

29.  Data Mart Award Summary 2013-2014

30.  Modesto Junior College Curriculum Committee

31.  Modesto Junior College Outcomes Assessment

32.  Curriculum Cycle of Review

33.  YCCD Policy No. 4030: Academic Freedom – Faculty

34.  YCCD Policy No. 5-8081:  Academic Freedom - Students

35.  Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges

36.  Modesto Junior College Faculty Handbook

37.  YCCD/YFA Contract, July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2014

38.  Services for Students

39.  Modesto Junior College Library Services

40.  NoodleTools

41.  Modesto Junior College Resource Allocation Council

42.  YCCD Audit Reports

43.  YCCD Board Policy No. 6400:  Audits

44.  YCCD Board Policy No. 6300:  Fiscal Management

45.  Engaging All Voices:  MJC Participatory Governance Handbook

46.  Student Equity Plan

47.  Respiratory Care FAQ

48.  Modesto Junior College Accreditation Website

49.  MJC Budget Development and Resource Allocation Process

50.  YCCD Board Policy Nos. 7100 – 7-8058:  Human Resources

51.  PeopleAdmin

52.  YCCD Policy and Procedures Review - 2015

53.  YCCD Board Policy No. 4025: Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education

54.  Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care: Accreditation Standards for Degree Advancement Programs in Respiratory Care - 2014 CoARC Report on Accreditation