Spring 2020 Institute Week

Cedarville Ambassadors
Student ambassadors from Surprise Valley High School in Cedarville, CA pose for a photo during their campus visit

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Video Recording with Green Screen Workshop: part 1 (FLEX 6004)
Library Basement 10 (or via Zoom) - East Campus - Mike Smedshammer
You probably have heard about using a “green screen” the way TV weather forecasters do as they stand in front of what looks like a live map or weather scene, when in fact they’re actually inside a TV studio. In part one of this two-part workshop, DE Coordinator Mike Smedshammer will explain the magic behind the process. Hint—it involves a “green screen,” a simple video recorder like a cell phone, and video editing software. Mike will create a green-screen video on the spot to demonstrate how it’s all done. 
Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced
Zoom: Green Screen part 1

Video Recording with Green Screen Workshop: part 2 (FLEX 6005)
Library Basement 10 (or via Zoom) - East Campus - Mike Smedshammer

In the second part of the Green Screen workshop, DE Coordinator Mike Smedshammer will help participants create their own green-screen videos. We will provide the green screen, the lighting, tripods, and computers loaded with Camtasia, the software needed to process video. You can bring your own cell phone and learn how to use “Fuse,” a free app that transfers video from your phone to Camtasia. This will be a fun, hands-on workshop where you can try the basics and learn how to create these types of videos on your own. Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced.
Zoom: Green Screen part 2

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Canvas Basics (FLEX 6006)
Library Basement 10 (or via Zoom) - East Campus - Ashli Bumgardner and Cheryl Chavez

This hands-on workshop covers Canvas essentials such as uploading handouts, creating announcements, and using the Canvas email system. We will also cover the new Canvas Gradebook. Presenters: Ashli Bumgardner, Instructional Designer; and Cheryl Chavez, Instructional Support Specialist
Skill level: beginner, but all are welcome.
Zoom: Canvas Basics

Intro to Etrieve: Overview and Basics (FLEX # 6016)
Founders Hall 136 - East Campus - Aslin Williams 
This workshop will cover the basics on how to access and use Etrieve Central and its content.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

What’s New in APA  (FLEX# 6014)
Founders Hall 111 - Computer Lab - East Campus - Iris Carroll
Fun, interactive introduction to changes in APA formatting. 

Cell Phone Video Recording (FLEX 6007) 
Library Basement 10 (or via Zoom) - East Campus - Ashli Bumgardner
Many of us are within arm’s reach of our cell phones, and making videos with them is easy to do. But what are the best ways to use cell phones to create videos we can use with Canvas? In this workshop DE Coordinator Mike Smedshammer will show some simple tips for creating cell-phone videos that will help your students. Cell phone videos are also nice because you can record from anywhere rather than be confined to your office. Mike will also show how to upload cell-phone videos to YouTube where they can be captioned and then embedded in Canvas.
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Zoom: Cell Phone Video Recording

Raise a Flag:  How Faculty Can Help Struggling Students Through 
the Starfish Early Alert System (FLEX # 6015)
Founders Hall 135 - East Campus - Leslie Collins and Members of the Starfish Team
You've seen emails requesting your participation in Starfish progress surveys. You've heard colleagues and students chat about early alert emails. What is the Starfish Early Alert System? How can you use it to encourage and support struggling students in your spring classes? Come to this hands-on workshop to find out!

MJC LGBTQ+ Advocates (Lunch & Learn)
Founders Hall 118 - East Campus - Liz Camboia, Ariana Gonzalez, Judith Martinez, Alynna Martinez, Ryan Amaral
The MJC LGBTQ+ Advocates are dedicated to support the advancement, and education for students, staff, faculty, and allies in accordance to MJC’s Equity Plan. Come learn more about how you can get involved! Bring your lunch - All are welcome. 

DSPS at MJC: Teaching All Students
Founders Hall 151 - East Campus - Jacquelyn Forte, MJC Director of Disability Services and Programs for Students (FLEX #xxxx)
This workshop will focus on developing flexible learning environments for all students, including considerations for accessibility, disability, and age.

Canvas Open Q&A (FLEX 6008)
Library Basement 10 (or via Zoom) - East Campus - Mike Smedshammer, Ashli Bumgardner, Cheryl Chavez
Drop-in hours for Canvas questions. We will be in Library Basement 10 for an Open Canvas Q&A session. Stop by to work with us one-on-one to get YOUR Canvas questions answered! Mike Smedshammer, DE Coordinator, Ashli Bumgardner, Instructional Designer, and Cheryl Chavez, Instructional Support Specialist.
Zoom: Canvas Q&A

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Climate-Health Connection

The Climate-Health Connection ~ Guest Speaker Dr. Gina Soloman  (FLEX # 6009)
Performing and Media Arts Center Main Auditorium

8:00a      Gathering and Refreshments in Auditorium Lobby
8:30a      Program Begins in Auditorium (ends at 10:15a)
10:30a    Breakout Sessions Begin
12:00p    Lunch provided in East Campus Cafeteria (RSVP for lunch is closed)
1:30p      Division and Department Meetings (end at 3:30p) (FLEX 6013)

We will meet first in the auditorium to hear brief updates on campus initiatives from President Houpis.  We will then celebrate our achievements with the presentation of the Cardoza and ADA recognition awards.  Our keynote speaker, Dr. Gina Soloman will address the climate-health connection.  Climate change will cause widespread harm to public health, unraveling many of the health gains of the last century. All people will be affected, but the burden of harm will fall disproportionately on the poorest communities, the disabled, the very young, and the elderly, both locally and globally. Dr. Solomon studies the health effects of climate-related disasters, including wildfires and floods, and she will speak about threats to California communities and what we can do to protect ourselves.

After Dr. Soloman's presentation we will move to the Forum Building for a choice of three breakout sessions.

1.  Climate Change Panel Discussion  (FLEX # 6011)
Forum 110
Dr. James Houpis, President of Modesto Junior College (Panel Moderator)
Dr. Gina Soloman, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UC San Francisco
Genevieve Gail, Executive Director of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition
Dr. Robin Cooper, Assistant Clinical Psychiatry, UC San Francisco
Noah Hughes, Professor of Earth Science, MJC - Chair of MJC Climate and Sustainability Task Force

2.  “Let’s Walk the Talk: Supporting Equity Efforts through Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Courses” (FLEX# 6012)
Barbara Illowsky  
Forum 101
Open Educational Resources
In a recent Temple University survey of 86,000 students from over 100 institutions, primarily at public universities and community colleges, 17 percent of students said they had been homeless within the past year while 45 percent said they had been food insecure in the past 30 days. In light of this reality, do we truly believe we are serving our students and promoting equity when we assign high-cost textbooks, software access fees, and course materials charges to our students? In years back, we did not have many options for eliminating those expenses. Now, we do! Let’s work together so that all our students have an equitable chance at success.

3.  Title IX Presentation and Q and A (FLEX # 6010)
Lloyd Jackson - YCCD Title IX/Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator
Forum 102
Lloyd Jackson will provide an overview of Title IX requirements.  How and when to file a report.  What happens next?  How can you help?  A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Speaker Biographies


Dr. Gina Solomon

Dr. Gina Solomon

Gina Solomon is a Principal Investigator at PHI, researching environmental health and chemical policy issues. She is specifically evaluating how California’s Green Chemistry Laws could be enhanced to better protect the public from chemicals that may cause breast cancer.  Dr. Solomon is also a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). She served as the Deputy Secretary for Science and Health at the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) from 2012-2017, and as a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council from 1996-2012. She was also the director of the occupational and environmental medicine residency program at UCSF, and the co-director of the UCSF Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit.

Dr. Solomon’s work has spanned a wide array of areas, including children’s environmental health, reproductive toxicity, cumulative impacts and environmental justice, and the use of novel data streams to screen chemicals for toxicity. She has also done work in exposure science for air pollutants, pesticides, mold, and metals in soil, and on the health effects of climate change. She was involved in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf oil spill, and the Chevron Richmond explosion and fire, and she successfully spearheaded regulations to improve refinery safety in California.

Dr. Solomon has served on multiple boards and committees of the National Academies of Science, the EPA Science Advisory Board, and the National Toxicology Program’s Board of Scientific Counselors. Dr. Solomon received her bachelor’s degree from Brown University, her M.D. from Yale, and did her M.P.H. and her residency and fellowship training in internal medicine and occupational and environmental medicine at Harvard.


Barbara Illowsky

Dr. Barbara Illowsky is co-author of “Introductory Statistics” and “Introductory Business Statistics”, free and open textbooks published by OpenStax College that are used over 600 colleges and universities throughout the country and world. In 2013, the international Open Education Consortium awarded Barbara with its Educator ACE award. She later served on its Board of Directors. Barbara just retired the end of June after 30-years as a mathematics and statistics professor at De Anza College. She was on loan to many projects, including the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative. She has served as a trainer on OER and is a frequent invited speaker on OER and online education. 

Barbara is the first OER and Innovation Fellow for the Michelson 20 Million Minds Foundation. She spends her days advocating for and promoting adoption of OER and is continuing this work even since her college retirement.