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About Research and Planning

The Office of Research and Planning serves as a primary source of consultation and guidance on development of institutional plans such as the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), MJC Student Equity Plan, Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), and MJC Key Performance Indicators Framework (KPI). The MJC Instruction, Student Services, and College Councils use this information to integrate data into strategic planning and educational master plan (EMP) development, along with providing recommendations for future directions and budget allocations for the college.  

The Office's research function is guided by the standards of quality institutional research as outlined by the Research and Planning (RP) Group, the California Association of Institutional Research (CAIR), and the Association of Institutional Research (AIR). Its overarching approach to research is informed by a wide array of academic, institutional, and applied resources

Research and Planning Functions 

The scope of data reporting from the Office typically starts with institutional data related to students, enrollment, and factors associated with student success at the course and program level. Additionally, the Office provides a framework for critical analysis of academic program review and outcomes assessment reporting.

Data reporting utilizes standardized data sets from the California State Chancellor's Office DataMart reporting system as well as internal databases and data dashboard (i.e. real-time updated) reporting. In the majority of data reporting areas, efforts have been made to provide 5-year or longer trend analyses. 

Research Support and Data Requests

The Office of Research and Planning provides analytic support through publication of reports (electronic or print) at designated intervals (e.g. quarterly) and through ad-hoc requests by the Office's constituents. The Office also provides consultation and frequent data updates to key campus committees and individuals on request, and assists campus data users who wish to conduct their own analysis. 

Survey Research Management and Consultation

The Office provides consultation on development and analysis of surveys for assessment of institutional effectiveness in a variety of strategic areas. It coordinates and reports on the results of institutional surveys such as the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE), the Survey of Online Student Engagement (SOSE)MJC 2017 Student Experience Survey development and administration, and related studies.The Office's 11-year trend analysis of CCSSE results at MJC from 2006-2017 has enabled strategic long-range assessment of institutional performance in key benchmark areas.

Strategic Planning for Research and Planning Office 2017

In Fall 2016 the Research and Planning Office entered its second year at MJC. The Office is utilizing core principles of quality assurance in its continuous efforts at strengthening the College's institutional research capacity. A principal focus of continued goal-setting for IR is the recent MJC survey results from the Achieving the Dream Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool, released December 2016. Further guidance for strategic and professional development of IR capacity and IR Office Best Practices at MJC has been provided by the 2016 National Survey of Institutional Research Offices and the 2016 Statement of Aspirational Practice for Institutional Research, sponsored by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR). 

For further details about planning and goals for 2017 at MJC, please refer to this Year 2 Planning report

Institutional Effectiveness

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Jenni Abbott
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: (209) 575-7795

Christian Million
Research Analyst 
Phone: (209) 575-6220

Amanda Cannon
Research Analyst
Phone: (209) 575-6076

Vianji De la Cruz
Administrative Secretary
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