1st Day of College Survival Tips

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Is my class online or in person?

Pirates Net Student Portal Using the PiratesNet link, which is always located in the upper right-hand corner of the website, look at your Class Schedule to determine the way you will attend class (look at the column location on the class Schedule). 

Online ClassesOnline- Log onto Canvas using your student email information and password.  The Canvas Icon can always be found on the mjc.edu website in the upper right-hand corner. Once logged in you will need to select the class in the middle of the screen. Once in the class, there is a Start Here instruction.  

Remote Learning (online but at a specific time on the computer) – This means that you will log into Canvas (see above for directions). You will receive instructions from your instructor in the Canvas class how to attend class using ZOOM. You must attend Zoom (class), on the first day of class.  If your class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at a specific time, then you will attend your first class on Monday at scheduled time.  If your class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays then you will attend your first class on Tuesday at scheduled time.  Your class might be a Friday, then you don’t have class until Friday.

Face to FaceSee list of classes that are face to face which is on campus. You will need to follow the on-campus protocol to be on campus. This includes completing the COVID19 Self-Screening form.

What time does my online class meet if it says ARR?

ARR stands for Arranged. First step, log into your class using Canvas (see above for instructions).  It is recommended that you read the course syllabus for the important information, dates and deadlines.

When will my class show up in Canvas?

If you are registered in the class (confirm enrollment on your class schedule in Piratesnet), then your class will appear as a tile in Canvas once the professor publishes the course.

If you are not registered in the class and your class schedule shows that you are on a Waitlist(See Waitlist instructions), if you receive an access code to register for the class, the class will appear in your Canvas approximately in 4-24 hours from the time you add it in Piratesnet using the link add a class with an access code.  (Access code is the same as Add Code).

What if I need help with Canvas?

Mon-Fri 5pm-8am & Weekends: (844) 303-8280

How do I buy books?

BookstoreIn the upper-right hand corner of the mjc.edu website, you will find the bookstore icon (the yellow shopping basket).  Once you are on the website, you will select course materials and then select Order textbooks. 

Please complete the COVID-19 self-assessment before attempting to pick up your textbooks.

Where Can I get a student ID?

Find our complete guide to getting your student ID here.

How to pick up a free bus pass?

Oct 5th is when they will be available on campus.  Stay informed by the latest updates by checking your student email daily. 

How can I get my financial aid?

If you have a 2020-21 FAFSA or the CA Dream Act, be sure to check your student email for the MJC Financial Aid document request or award letter emails.  If you need assistance completing requested documents, please use the MJC Chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the mjc.edu website.

I didn’t get into my classes?  How can I find more classes?

Please use the MJC.edu Chat feature to speak with a Counselor or visit our counseling page.

I’m on a waitlist, what did I do? 

Read our guide to what to do when you're waitlisted.

I need to get ahold of DSPS or EOPS or another department on campus?

Please use the MJC Chat feature available in the bottom right hand corner of the mjc.edu website during business hours.


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