Resolution Number Resolution Name Disposition
FA20-C Reinforcing the Faculty Role in Instruction approved 11/19/20
FA20-B Preferred Name Recognition approved 10/1/20
FA20-A Acknowledgement of Classified Professionals Vital Contribution to MJC approved 10/1/20
SU20-C Humanizing Language/Discourse approved 9/17/20
SU20-B Non-Resident Student Tuition Exemption approved 7/16/20
SU20-A Reaffirming Inclusivity While Denouncing Hate Crimes and Promoting Anti-Racism Infusion approved 7/16/20
S20-A Instructional Emergency Preparedness Planning and Virtual Academic Senate Meetings approved 4/2/20
F19-D Recognition for Student Certificate Achievement approved 12/5/19
F19-C Additional Student Data Metrics for Program Review  approved 11/14/19
F19-B Academic Calendar 2020-2021 and Academic Calendar Taskforce approved 10/17/19
F19-A Teaching the Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated approved 10/17/19
S19-A Creation of Teaching and Learning Center at MJC approved 4/4/19
F18-E Standard for Determining Unit Values at Modesto Junior College approved 2/21/19
F18-D Using C-ID Descriptors as the Standard for Determining Unit Values at Modesto Junior College failed 2/7/19
F18-C Recognition of James Todd postponed indefinitely 12/6/18
F18-B Amendments to YCCD Board Policy Procedure 4-8065-Syllabus, Regular Effective Contact  approved 10/18/18
F18-A Amendments to YCCD Board Policy Procedure 4-8065-Syllabus, Academic Freedom approved 10/4/18
S18-B Regular and Effective Contact for Online Courses/Document approved 3/15/18 
S18-A Applying to Become Part of the Online Education Initiative Consortium Cohort approved 2/15/18
FL17-B Board Policy 4-8067 Sectarian, Partisan, or Denominational Teaching failed 1/18/18
FL17-A Adoption of Program Viability, Revitalization, and Discontinuance Procedures approved 3/15/18
S17-D Recognition of Exemplary Leadership and Teaching (Michelle Christopherson) approved 4/27/17
S17-C Clarity on the Standard Practice for Assessing a Course approved 4/27/17
S17-B Undocumented approved 4/6/17
S17-A Establishment of Best Practices for Online Waitlist Enrollment approved 2/16/17
F16-B Procedures for Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency Committee approved 12/1/16
F16-A Faculty Satisfaction Survey Senate Task Force Academic and Professional Matters approved 10/6/2016
S16-G In Support of Adopting the OEI Rubric for Online Courses approved 9/22/16
S16-F Cycle of SLO Assessment postponed indefinitely 4/7/16
S16-E Open Educational Resources approved 4/28/16
S16-D Adoption of eLumen approved 4/28/16
S16-C Cycle of SLO Assessment and Program Review  postponed indefinitely 4/7/16
S16-B Assessment Data and Faculty Evaluation approved 3/17/16
S16-A Revision of YCCD Contract Faculty Hiring Procedures approved 4/28/16
FL15-G Academic Support for Adoption of Faculty Learning Communitities at MJC approved 1/21/16
FL15-F Multiple Measures Workgroup approved 1/21/16
FL15-E Resolution F15E: Assessment Exemption Proposal (Early Placement in High School) approved 3/3/16
FL15-D Faculty Rights in Regards to Curriculum Design failed 11/19/15
FL15-C Adoption of Institutional Review Board at MJC (IRB) (Proposed by Bobby Hutchison) approved 10/15/15
FL15-B Adopting Canvas as the course management system for YCCD (Proposed by Mike Smedshammer) approved MJC 10/15/15
approved Columbia 10/30/15
FL15-A Elimination of Bottled Water in the Academic Senate (Proposed by Bob Droual) approved 10/29/15
SP15-A Collegiality in Design for Success (Proposed by A. McKissick) approved 4/2/15
FL14-A Lack of Consultation in New Policy Regarding Online Load Factor approved 1/6/14
SP14-C Responding to Draft ACCJC Accreditation Standards as They Relate to Libraries and Learning Support Services approved 4/24/14
SP14-B Senate Affirmation of the Curriculum Process approved 4/17/14
SP14-A Support of the City of Modesto's Proposed Class 1 MJC Bike Path Between the East and West Campuses approved 4/17/14
FL13-B Recognition and Appreciation of Professor Charles Mullins approved 12/5/13
FL13-A Wes Page Resolution approved 8/15/13
FL12-A The Naming of the Planetarium of the Science Community Center approved 9/27/12
SP12-B Draft Organizational Flowchart for Shared Governance Institutional Planning and Budget Allocation approved 3/1/12
SP12-A Recognition of Exemplary Service: Geri Wend approved 1/19/12
FL11-F Approval of Minimum Qualifications for Computer Graphics Applications at MJC Approval of Designation of Computer Graphics Applications Discipline approved 1/19/12
FL11-E Resolution in support of the California Community College Independents (CCCI) Response to the Draft
Recommendations of the Calif. Comm. Colleges Task Force on Student Success
approved 12/1/11
FL11-D Academic Senate Support for Revision of the "Decision Making at Modesto Junior College" Document approved 12/1/11
FL11-C Faculty Hiring Prioritization at Modesto Junior College for the 2012-2013 Academic Year approved 11/10/11
FL11-B Disciplines for Courses approved 11/10/11
FL11-A Recognition of Dr. Phil Smith approved 9/22/11
SP11-D Planning and Budget to Assess Viability of Programs approved 4/21/11
SP11-C Budget Cut Alternatives approved 3/8/11
SP11-B Senate Role in Proposed Academic Program Elimination approved 2/17/11
SP11-A Grant Approval Workgroup approved 3/3/11
FL10-D Faculty and Staff Leadership Participation at MJC Institute Day withdrawn 12/9/10
FL10-C Endorsement of a Policy of Prioritizing Existing College Budget Expenditures failed, due to lack of action
FL10-B Career Development & Transfer Center approved first reading 10/21/10
withdrawn 11/4/10
FL10-A Process for Prioritization of Faculty Hires approved 9/23/10
SP10-E Program Viability Procedure approved 10/7/10
SP10-D Human Research Protection Work Group final action 9/23/10
SP10-C Contract Faculty Hiring Procedures approved 4/1/10
SP10-B Opposition to Participation in the CCC-Kaplan MOU approved 3/18/10
SP10-A Program Discontinuance Revision Task Force approved 2/18/10
FL09-C Support of the Council of Chief Librarians' Requesting Action by The Board of Governors of the California
Community Colleges to Support Continued Funding for Online Library Information Resources and Services needed by Students and Faculty
approved 1/21/10
FL09-B Task Force to Investigate Creating an Institutional Review Board approved 1/10/09
FL09-A Investigating Faculty Hiring Practices approved 9/24/09
SP09-A2 Grading and Academic Dishonesty failed 9/24/09
SP09-A1 Grading and Academic Dishonesty failed 9/24/09
FL08-D2 Opposition to Placing SLOs on the Course Outline of Record approved 4/23/09
FL08-D1 Support for Placing SLOs on the Course Outline of Record failed 3/5/09 (copy unavailable)
FL08-C Tracking Accreditation Expenditures approved 1/22/09
FL08-B Faculty Accreditation Co-Chair approved 12/11/08
FL08-A Basic Skills - Spring Institute Day approved 12/11/08
SP08-D Professional Standards approved 9/11/08
SP08-C Location of Student Services Building on the North Drive Shift  Failed, due to lack of action
SP08-B Placement of Student Services Building approved 4/10/08
SP08-A Support for SARS Early Alert System approved 3/27/08
FL07-E Implementing Title 5 Changes at MJC - MJC Curriculum approved 1/27/08
FL07-D No Confidence in the Current President of Modesto Junior College approved 12/11/07
FL07-C Re-Establish Measure E Coordinating Committee approved 1/27/08
FL07-B Academic Renewal Conditions approved 12/11/07
FL07-A Method for Establishing Hiring Prioritizations approved 11/15/07
SP07-E Requesting a District W Policy approved 5/17/07
SP07-D ESL and the EMP approved 4/5/07
SP07-C MJC Civic Engagement Project approved 3/8/07
SP07-B Intervention After Second Withdrawal (W) approved 3/8/07
SP07-A Intervention After Two Substandard Grades approved 2/8/07
FL06-H YCCD E-Mail Disclaimer Notification failed, due to lack of action
FL06-G Reaffirmation of the Hiring Prioritization approved 1/11/07
FL06-F Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)  referred to the Senate Professional
Development Committee for further
discussion, 11/16/06
FL06-E Waste Reduction and Recycling approved 12/7/06
FL06-D Syllabi Policy approved 1/11/07
FL06-C Equivalency Policy and Procedures approved 12/7/06
FL06-B Pilot Instructional Program Review Template approved 11/16/06
FL06-A Instructional Program Review Principles and Process approved 11/16/06
SP06-E Institutionalizing Funding for Online Instruction failed, due to lack of action
SP06-D Plus and Minus Grading system (PMG) Pilot Program withdrawn 2/16/06
SP06-C Anthropology, Geography, the Measure E Committee and the Program Management Plan approved 1/19/05
SP06-A Academic Senate Program Review Committee approved 1/19/06
FL05-E Honors Program and Coordinator approved 1/19/06
FL05-D College-Provided Student E-Mail Accounts approved 11/17/05
FL05-C MJC Library Facility withdrawn 10/20/05
FL05-B Academic Standards Committee Change in Status From Ad Hoc to Permanent Academic Senate Committee approved 10/6/05
FL05-A Committee to Review Equivalency Procedures approved 9/15/05
SP05-B Syllabi Ad-Hoc Committee approved 3/31/05
SP05-A Forming a College Hour Committee approved 4/21/05
FL04-F Student Learning Outcomes Faculty Coordinator Position approved 4/21/05
FL04-E Making Micrograde Available to Faculty approved 3/31/05
FL04-D "C" or Better Grade Requirements for Degrees and Certificates approved 2/3/05
FL04-C Adjunct Office Hour approved 3/3/05
FL04-B Adjunct Senator Term of Office withdrawn 2/17/05
FL04-A Adjuncts: Division/Department Meetings approved 3/3/05
SP04-K Changes to Compressed Calendar Therefore #4 & #3 approved December 2, 2004
Therefore #2 withdrawn December 2, 2004
Therefore #1 failed December 2, 2004
Therefore #5 withdrawn December 2, 2004
SP04-J Recognition of Commitment to Administrative/Education Software Implementation approved 4/22/04
SP04-I Chief Information Systems Officer (CISO) approved 4/22/04
SP04-H Fall 2004 Replacement Positions approved 3/4/04
SP04-G Considerations for Flex Credit approved 10/7/04
SP04-F Standing MJC Academic Senate Learning Community Committee withdrawn 9/16/04
SP04-E Standing Senate Virtual Classroom Committee approved 4/22/04
SP04-D 2-W Petition Process withdrawn 3/4/04
SP04-C Student Learning Outcomes Committee approved 3/4/04
SP04-B Study Raising Math and English Requirements for Graduation approved 3/4/04
SP04-A Hiring Prioritization Committee approved 1/15/04
FL03-G Recognition of Jan Tramel approved 12/11/03
FL03-F Update Online Registration Information approved 1/15/04
FL03-E Revocation of Program Discontinuation Process for the Respiratory Care Program failed 1/15/04
FL03-C MJC Library Leadership approved 10/16/03
FL03-B Recognition and Appreciation of Dr. Richard Hickman approved 9/4/03
FL03-A Library Budget approved 10/16/03
SP03-H Certificate Guidelines approved 11/20/03
SP03-G Minimum Requirements for Associate Degrees approved 4/17/03
SP03-F Senate Opposition to Child Care Services Realignment approved 3/20/03
SP03-E Oversight Committee to the MIS Implementation Process approved 4/17/03
SP03-D Evaluation of the Compressed Calendar approved 3/20/03
SP03-C Memorandum of Understanding: Equivalency approved 2/20/03
SP03-B Replacement of Articulation Officer approved 3/20/03
SP03-A Change in Wording to the MJC Catalog Reference to Petition for Credit by Examination approved 2/20/03
FL02-L Recommended YCCD Board Policy for Priority of Faculty Professional Development approved 3/6/03
FL02-K Equal Opportunities for Domestic Partners of All YCCD Employees approved 1/6/03
FL02-J Academic Senate Support for a Phi Theta Kappa Chapter at MJC postponed indefinitely 2/20/03
FL02-I Evaluation of the Compressed Calendar pulled until a later date, for revisions
FL02-H Academic Senate Committee for the Implementation of the Administrative/Educational Software approved 11/21/02
FL02-G Modesto Junior College Domain Name approved 12/12/02
FL02-F Adding Prerequisite Courses from Other Colleges to District MIS approved 1/16/03
FL02-E Senate Representation on College Council ailed 12/12/02
FL02-D Limiting Outside Speakers to the Academic Senate approved 11/7/02
FL02-B Faculty Involvement in the District Computer Software Implem. and Devel. of a District Computer Use Policy/Proc. pulled by Exec. Committee 9/26/02
FL02-A Ratification of Agreements Made on Behalf of the Academic Senate approved 10/17/02
SP02-B Recognition of Mark Bender approved 4/25/02
SP02-A Guidelines for Instructors regarding Academic Scheduling Conflicts approved 9/19/02
FL01-D Recognition of Steve Collins approved 12/6/01
FL01-C Recognition of Bob Gauvreau approved 12/6/01
FL01-B Staff Directory for Part-Time Faculty approved 12/1/01
FL01-A Program Review Philosophy Statement approved 12/6/01
SP01-D Recognition of President Maria Sheehan approved 4/26/01
SP01-C Naming Sierra Halls after Steve Collins and Odessa Johnson postponed indefinitely 4/29/01
SP01-B Opposition to Destruction of West Campus Shooting Range approved 3/22/01
SP01-A Sixteen Week Compressed Calendar approved 3/22/01
FL00-F Recognition of Wayne Wightman approved  1/25/01
FL00-E Adding Classes After Semester's End approved 1/25/01
FL00-D Opposition to Proposed West Campus Development Project approved 11/2/00
FL00-C Book Giveaway to Benefit Jim Higgs Memorial Scholarship Fund failed 11/2/00
FL00-B Program Review 2000-2001 approved 9/28/00
FL00-A Verification of Major on Transcripts, Certificates and Diplomas approved 9/14/00
SP00-L Procedure for Obtaining Funding for Educational and Professional Conferences approved 5/4/00
SP00-K Replacing the Term "Instructor" with the Term "Professor" approved 5/4/00
SP00-J Recognition of Dean Tsuruda approved 8/24/00
SP00-I Hiring Procedures for Division Deans approved 3/23/00
SP00-H Hiring Procedures for Assistant and Associate Deans approved 3/23/00
SP00-G Hiring Procedures for Cabinet Administrators approved 3/23/00
SP00-F Earth Day 2000 approved 3/23/00
SP00-E Academic Regalia for Graduation approved 3/9/00
SP00-D Support of Colleges' Collaboration for Student Success approved 3/9/00
SP00-C Recognition of Dan Onorato for Family History Exhibit approved 3/9/00
SP00-B Nomination of Allen Boyer for FCCC Hayward Award approved 2/8/00
SP00-A Recruitment at Job Faires approved 1/20/00
FL99-O Course Roll Sheets Disposition approved 1/20/00
FL99-N Smoking Policy approved 1/20/00
FL99-M Rules Changes: Elections and Executive Offices approved 2/8/00
Interdisciplinary Studies in Disciplines in Which the Master's degree is not required approved 2/8/00
FL99-L Interdisciplinary Studies in Disciplines in Which the Master's degree is not required failed for lack of a motion 12/9/99
FL99-K Recognition of Dean Colli approved 10/21/99
FL99-J Vision 2000 Report Card approved 10/21/99
FL99-H Determination of Faculty Vacancies as Permanent or Interim approved 9/23/99
FL99-G Adjunct Faculty Inclusion in Inservice Opportunities approved 10/7/99
FL99-F Replacing the Term "Instructor" with the Term "Professor" failed 9/23/99
FL99-E Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency for Temporary/Interim Appointments approved 9/23/99
FL99-D Curriculum Committee Configuration failed 9/9/99
FL99-C Survey of the Faculty Regarding the Academic Senate Curriculum Committee and Possible Changes to the
Curriculum Committee Charge and Membership
author pulled prior to the meeting 8/26/99
FL99-B Curriculum Committee Revision of Graduation Requirements failed 9/9/99
FL99-A Publishing Suggested Reading Level of Courses in the MJC Class Schedule failed 9/9/99
SP99-F Honorary Degree for Mary Eichoff approved 4/22/99
SP99-E Physical Education Program and Team Funding approved 5/6/99
SP99-D MJC Annual Library Funding approved 4/22/99
SP99-C Support of Student Center Fee, In-Class vote approved 3/25/99
SP99-B Rules and By-Laws Changes (Amended) approved 4/22/99
SP99-A Amending Course Roll Book Policies approved 3/11/99
FL98-S Telecommunications Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP) Fund Expenditure Plan approved 12/10/98
FL98-R Partnership for Excellence/Student Success Plan approved 12/10/98
FL98-Q MJC Name Change failed 1/21/99
FL98-P 1998-99 Program Review approved 1/21/99
FL98-O Inclusion of Curriculum Changes in the YCCD Board Consent Agenda approved 1/21/99
FL98-N Staff Telephone Directories for Part-Time Faculty approved 1/21/99
FL98-M Faculty Hiring Procedure

approved 11/12/98

FL98-L Commendation to Pirates Bookstore approved 11/12/98
FL98-K Division Curriculum Committees failed, for lack of a motion 10/22/98
FL98-J Adoption of Early Alert Form tabled by Exec. Committee 10/15/98 
FL98-I Recognition and Appreciation of Allen Boyer approved 10/8/98
FL98-H Curriculum Committee Review of Graduation Requirements approved 10/8/98 
FL98-G Accreditation Survey withdrawn 9/18/98
FL98-F Academic Senate Review of Student Success Plan approved 10/8/98 
FL98-E Application for Graduation Deadline approved 10/8/98 
FL98-D Guidance Course as a Requirement failed 9/10/98 
FL98-C Compensation for Part Time Instructors Offering Regularly Scheduled Office Hours approved 10/8/98 
FL98-B Academic Senate Participation in Program Review approved 9/24/98 
FL98-A "Add" Slip Authorization (1-Week) approved 9/10/98 
SP98-G Program Review Recommendations approved 5/7/98
SP98-F Flex Calendar Recommendations for Procedural Changes to the Flexible Calendar Program failed, due to lack of a second motion 8/27/98
SP98-E Grade changes Reported to the Academic Senate approved 8/27/98
SP98-D Uses of the Teaching Resource Center's Satellites approved 5/7/98
SP98-C Increased Funding for Non-Credit Courses approved 5/7/98
SP98-B Plus and Minus Grading approved 3/12/98
SP98-A College Community Relations Committee tabled 3/12/98
FL97-R Evaluation of the Faculty Consultant Position approved 2/12/98   
FL97-Q Distribution of and Accountability for TANF Funds approved 2/12/98 
FL97-P Non-Credit Matriculation approved 2/12/98 
FL97-O Local Senate Sign Off approved 2/12/98 
FL97-N Welfare to Education then to Work approved 2/12/98 
FL97-M Year Round Senate Participation approved 2/12/98 
FL97-L Faculty Involvement in Facilities Planning approved 2/12/98 
FL97-K Local Senate in Institutional Planning approved 2/12/98 
FL97-J Effective Instructor-Student Contact for Distance Education Courses approved 2/12/98 
FL97-I Prerequisite Research approved 12/4/97 
FL97-H Computer Literacy tabled 12/4/97, tabled 2/26/98 
FL97-G Ratio of West Campus to East Campus Meetings of the MJC Academic Senate failed 12/4/97 
FL97-F Support of Transfer Guide to Majors approved 1/22/98 
FL97-E Computer Access in Campus Computer Lab approved 11/13/97
FL97-D Criteria and Membership on Technology Committee  approved 10/23/97
FL97-C Elections: President and President-Elect approved 9/25/97 
FL97-B Annual Stipend for Academic Senate President for Attending Meetings During Two Months of Each Summer approved 9/11/97 
FL97-A Proper Furnishing/Dispensing of Medication for Students and Staff approved 9/25/97   
SP97-K Flex Committee Support for Introduction to Flex at Modesto Junior College approved 8/28/97
SP97-J Faculty Involvement in Institutional Planning and Budget approved 5/1/97
SP97-I Program Review approved 5/1/97
SP97-H Revised Priority Registration System approved 8/28/97
SP97-G Budget for New Hires approved 5/1/97
SP97-F Instructional Delivery Oversight approved 4/10/97
SP97-E Future High School Partnership approved 4/10/97
SP97-D Master Plan for Technology Approval and Acceptance approved 5/1/97
SP97-C Recommendations for Prioritizing College-Wide Needs approved 3/20/97
SP97-B Custodial and Grounds Staff approved 3/6/97
SP97-A Academic Senate Budget approved 3/6/97
FL96-N Flex Committee Assumption of Institute Day Planning approved 1/23/97
FL96-M Basic Skills Lab pulled by Exec. Board prior to 1st Reading
FL96-L Recognition and Appreciation of Ron Manzoni approved 12/5/96
FL96-K Not Used N/A
FL96-J Flex Committee as a Standing Senate Committee Unknown if ever brought forth
FL96-I Teaching Resource Center committee as a Standing Committee of the MJC Academic Senate pulled by Exec. Board prior to 1st Reading
FL96-H Senate Support of Bookstore Task Force approved 1/23/97
FL96-G Infrastructure Support approved 11/14/96
FL96-F Curriculum Committee as Academic Senate Standing Committee approved 11/14/96
FL96-E Faculty Survey to Determine Support for the Flex Program failed 11/14/96
FL96-D College Researcher/Program Review Officer approved 10/10/96
FL96-C Faculty Involvement in Institutional Grants approved 10/10/96
FL96-B Assessment and Prerequisites for Student Success approved 12/5/96
FL96-A District Support of MJC Growth approved 10/10/96
SP96-T Commendation to Dr. Steven Hodson approved 5/9/96
SP96-S MJC Participation in District Shared Governance approved 5/9/96
SP96-R Faculty Leadership Team approved 5/9/96
SP96-Q Faculty Board of Trustees Consultant Position, MOU attachment approved 5/9/96
SP96-P Student Success Plan & Attachment approved 5/9/96
SP96-O Faculty Excellence Award approved 5/9/96
SP96-N Support of Proposal to Increase Funding for MJC Library approved 5/9/96
SP96-M Disabilities Theme for Spring 1997 Institute Day approved 3/21/96
SP96-L Multi Platforms for Academic Computing approved for a 1st Reading 3/21/96, but was never brought back
SP96-K Bylaws - Filling Vacancies of Academic Senate Office approved 5/9/96
SP96-J By-Law Change: Presidential Agreements with YCCD and MJC Administration approved 5/9/96
SP96-I Support of Columbia Academic Senate Draft Agreement, March 20, 1996 approved 3/21/96
SP96-H Teaching to the Course Outline approved 5/9/96
SP96-G Large Class Review failed 4/18/96
SP96-F Support of Passage of Proposition 203 approved 3/7/96
SP96-E Negotiations with the YCCD Board of Trustees approved 2/22/96
SP96-D Faculty Vote of "No Confidence" via Secret Ballot original shows approved on a 1st Reading 1/25/96, but no approval found in minutes.
SP96-C Faculty Involvement in MJC Committees approved 1/25/96
SP96-B Vote of "No Confidence" in the YCCD Board of Trustees approved 1/25/96
SP96-A Chancellor "No Confidence" Vote approved 1/25/96
FL95-M Faculty Response to Chancellor's Pay Increase approved 11/16/95, rules suspended for consideration of material regarding Chancellor's contract
FL95-L Restructuring approved 11/16/95
FL95-K Senate Rules Change approved 1/25/96
FL95-J Non Support of MJC Foundation Annual Appeal postponed 1/25/96 - never introduced
FL95-I Board of Trustee Position never introduced
FL95-H Rule 9001 approved 11/30/95
FL95-G Petition to Amend By-Laws and Rules approved 11/16/95
FL95-F Hiring Procedures III approved 11/16/95
FL95-E Large Class Review (substitute Resolution for FL95-B) referred to Large Class Review Committee 9/21/95
FL95-D Joint Board of Trustees Position approved 9/21/95
FL95-C Distance Learning Joint Resolution (MJC and Columbia) approved 9/21/95
FL95-B Large Class Curriculum Review became FL95-E Resolution
FL95-A Board of Trustee Position approved 9/7/95
SP95-I Hiring of Family Focus Consultant approved 5/4/96
SP95-H Structure of Petitions Committee approved 5/4/95
SP95-G Hiring Procedures II approved 5/4/95
SP95-F Full-time Faculty Replacement approved 5/4/95
SP95-E Secretary's Powers and Duties approved 5/4/95
SP95-D By-Laws change - Vice President's Term approved 5/4/95
SP95-C District Council and College Council, Faculty Representatives approved 2/23/95
SP95-B Measure C - Library Support approved 2/23/95
SP95-A Academic Administrator as a Senate Member failed 2/23/95
FL94-N Proposed Revision to YCCD Policies #4017 and #5027 adding Sexual Orientation to Discrimination Policy approved 12/1/94
FL94-M Priority Registration approved 11/17/94
FL94-L Hiring Procedures approved 12/1/94
FL94-K Hiring Procedures approved 11/17/94
FL94-J Calendar approved 11/17/94
FL94-I Guidelines for Resolutions approved 10/13/94
FL94-H Faculty Hour approved 9/22/94, replaced Resolution FL94-A
FL94-G Commendation - Ann Marie Wasserbauer on Consent Agenda which was approved 9/8/94, recognition certificate sent
FL94-F Library Return Policy approved 9/22/94
FL94-E Flex Calendar approved 9/22/94
FL94-D Student Grievance and Complaint Procedure and Student Code of Conduct tabled 9/8/94
FL94-C-2 Equivalency Procedures approved 10/27/94 (copy unavailable) was previously FL94-C
FL94-C Equivalency Procedures tabled 10/13/94 - replaced with FL94-C-2
FL94-B Prerequisite Policy approved 9/8/94
FL94-A College (Faculty) Hour replaced with Resolution FL94-H
SP94-AF Flex Days approved 5/5/94
SP94-AE Library - Instruction approved 3/24/94
SP94-AD Standards and Practices approved 3/24/94
SP94-AC No Charges for Class Schedules tabled 4/21/94
SP94-AB Tech Coordination approved 4/21/94
SP94-AA Earth Day approved 1/27/94
FL93-Z Environmental Committee approved 12/2/93  Was referred to Environmental Committee through College Council.  Not accepted by Environmental Committee.
FL93-Y Senate Budget approved 12/2/93
FL93-X Amend Senate Rules Section V.6 approved 12/2/93
FL93-W MJC Senate/YFA/Columbia Newsletter approved 12/2/93
FL93-V Students Children in Classroom postponed 10/28/93
FL93-U MJC Name Change Request for an ad hoc committee to study impact of name change 10/28/93
FL93-T Curriculum Committees Co-Chairs and Term approved 9/23/93
FL93-S Last Day to Withdraw from a Full-term Class without Penalty failed 9/23/93
SP93-R Academic Administrator Representative to the Senate failed 9/23/93
SP93-Q Academic Integrity approved 5/6/93
SP93-P College Faculty Representative approved 2/25/93
SP93-O Budget Access approved 2/11/93
SP93-N Creation of College Council Sub-Committee for Tech Prep approved 2/11/93
SP93-M Eligibility for Deans List approved 3/11/93
FL92-L Friends of the Library approved 1/28/93
FL92-? Full-time Faculty/Part Time Faculty on Academic Senate unknown (copy unavailable)
FL92-K Dead Day approved 10/22/92
FL92-J Spring Break approved 10/22/92
FL92-I Board of Trustees to meet with the Academic Senate of MJC approved 10/22/92
FL92-H Committee to Determine Need for Standards and Practices Committee approved 2/11/93
FL92-G College Council to study Pre-Collegiate/Basic Skills Disciplines approved 10/22/92
FL92-F Legislative Analyst approved 9/24/92
FL92-E Special Programs and Contract Ed Entitled to two Senate Reps failed 9/24/92
FL92-D January Start failed 9/24/92
FL92-C ASMJC Ex-officio approved 9/24/92
FL92-B Academic Senate Exec & YFA Committees approved 9/24/92
FL92-A Academic Senate Day failed 9/24/92
SP92-4 Hiring and Evaluation on Consent Agenda 4/30/92 and Consent Agenda was approved (copy unavailable)
SP92-3 Physical Environment committee on Consent Agenda 4/30/92 and Consent Agenda was approved (copy unavailable)
SP92-2 Rewrite YCCD By-Laws in accordance with AB 1725 on Consent Agenda 4/30/92 and Consent Agenda was approved (copy unavailable)
SP92-1 Up-Date Faculty Handbook for 1992-93 on Consent Agenda 4/30/92 and Consent Agenda was approved (copy unavailable)
SP92-? College Council supports the recommendation made by the Academic Senate and YFA Exec. Board regarding the Chancellor Search Committee. approved 1/23/92 (copy unavailable)
FL87 Part-Time Instructors as Members of the Senate approved 12/10/87 (copy unavailable)
SP87 Elimination of Senator-at-Large position failed 4/30/87 (copy unavailable)