Student Petitions

petition signing graphicTo challenge a prerequisite, the student must complete a prerequisite challenge form and state the basis for the challenge. A committee from the Literature and Language Arts Division will review each petition and render a decision within seven to ten working days. It is the responsibility of the student to provide information that supports the challenge.

Prerequisite Petitions

Prerequisite Petition for English

Prerequisite Petition for Foreign Language
(If you are petitioning a foreign language requisite, write your grounds in that language.)

Prerequisite Petition for ELIC or ELW
To challenge a prerequisite for ELW (non-credit courses) 1 or 901, 2 or 902, 3 or 903, 4 or 904, 5 or 905, 6 or 906, or any ELIC (credit courses) 20-23 , 30-33, 140-143 or 150-153, please contact Mary Calderon at (209) 575-7847 or visit the English Language Learner Welcome Center, West Campus, John Muir 152.