Introduction to Transfer Process

 There are several elements involved in completing the requirements to transfer from a community college to a university, and the details can be somewhat complex. The links below connect you to material that will enable you to understand the kinds of requirements you must meet, get answers to the most common questions that students ask about the transfer process, and a checklist of transfer success strategies.

Transferable Units

Did you know that with careful planning you can earn an Associate Degree while also completing university transfer requirements? Transferable units are those that will fulfill major and general education requirements for a Bachelors Degree at a university. If you think you may want to transfer, it is best that you visit the Transfer Center located in the Student Center at MJC to ensure that your units will transfer to another school. If you plan to attend a UC or CSU campus, make sure to review an appropriate transfer pattern in our current catalog, which provides a listing of MJC courses that meet the requirements for General Education at those universities. It is important that you talk with a counselor about your transfer preparation.

Transfer 101: The Basics

Frequently Asked Questions

Steps to a Successful Transfer