How to Add a Class

Add Process

All classes have a census date. The census dates vary for short-term and full-term courses. Students must add course prior to the CENSUS date. If you do not add the course before CENSUS you will not be allowed to enroll in the course that semester.

If you or the instructor accidently drops you from the course prior to census, you will need to submit a “Request for Reinstatement” form for approval.

The Census date can be found on your course schedule next to each individual course. Please note for short-term courses this could be the same day as your first class meeting.

Log into PiratesNet, then select current students and under the Registration heading select Register For Classes / Build Class Schedule. You will need to have your course section number ready. *Note: The section number is located on the Class Search page.

To add a short-term class, you may add online through PiratesNet or in person on or after your registration date and time until the day before the class starts. To add a class after it starts you will need to attend the next class meeting and obtain an access code from the Instructor. 

Adding a Course Online with an Access Code

To add a course that has already begun, you must obtain an access code from the instructor and add the course online or in person prior to the census date. Fee's are due upon registration. Questions regarding fees please contact the Business Services Office at (209) 575-6828.

1. Log into PiratesNet
2. Click on the Current Student Menu
3. Under the heading “Registration” click Add class with access code.
4. On the next screen you will need to type in the section number of the course (the four digit code that identifies the course you are adding).
5. Under Term, click on the down arrow and select the current term. For instance 2015MFA or 2016MSP.
6. The last column is asking for the access/add code the instructor gave you.
7. Once you are finished, click submit at the bottom of the page.

To add an online course that you are not currently on the waitlist for, you will need to log into PiratesNet, select Current Students and then click on Electronic Add Card Request (for Online Courses). Complete the request form and select submit. The request will be sent to the instructor and they will reply by email letting you know if your request was approved. The email approval from the instructor is now your access to add. You may then add a class online by following the instructions above.

For further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 209.575.7900.