What is College Skills 100?

This multidisciplinary course provides first time in college students with an introduction to the purpose of higher education, acclimation process, and outcomes of higher education through the exploration of student development and personal growth principles and application. The course will focus on navigating the college environment, stages of development, life management skills, strategies for college success, health and wellness management, as well as techniques for maximizing abilities as lifelong learners. Students will examine the relationship between growth principles and the intellectual, social, physiological, and psychological aspects of student and personal development and well-being.


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The following sections of COLSK 100 begin on July 13, 2020 and end on August 13, 2020:

Section #4850
Instructor: Hans Hauselmann

Section #4903
Instructor: Ulises Ochoa Diaz

Section #4906
Instructor: Michael Jackson

Section #4908
Instructor: Marc Anaya

FALL 2020

Section #0777

Section #0778

Section #0779

Section #0781

Section #0789

Section #0790

Section #0807

Section #0810

Section #0811