Self-Care and Wellness Apps

Self-Care and Wellness Apps:

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax - Apps on Google Play

The Calm app features guided meditation and strategies to overcome anxiety, and other strategies for improved sleep and relaxation. Cost: Free to download. Annual subscription to unlock all features. 

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep - Apps on Google Play 

Headspace provides guided meditation and mindfulness practice techniques. The app also provides "SOS" sessions to cope with panic and anxiety. Cost: Free to download. Annual subscription to unlock all features. 

Self-help Anxiety Management - Apps on Google Play

Self-help anxiety management (SAM) is an easy to use app that helps you track your anxiety, recognize anxiety-inducing cues, and practice anxiety-reducing strategies. Cost: Free

eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker - Apps on Google Play

eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker helps you easily chart depressed or elevated mood, sleep patterns, medications, and other symptoms related to mood disorders. Cost: Free to download. In-app purchases.

Up! The Smart Mood Diary – Medium 

UP! - The Smart Mood Diary for Bipolar Disorder helps you keep track of your mood and behavior patterns. Recognize what triggers your mood patterns and make changes to your daily routine. Cost: Free to download. In-app purchases. 

Happify - Apps on Google Play 

Happify helps you manage negative thoughts to improve your mood from a variety of evidence-based techniques and helps you track your progress over time. Cost: Free to download. In-app purchases.

MoodTools - Depression Aid on the App Store 

MoodTools offers tools to track your negative thoughts in reaction to difficult situations. Helpful videos and resources help you develop newer thinking patterns, which can improve your mood. Cost: Free to download. In-app purchases. 

Productivity Toolbox 

HabitBull helps you keep track of your habits and routines so that you can better organize your life and accomplish your goals. It also includes motivational photos and discussion forums. Cost: Free to download. In-app purchases.

Habitica (@habitica) | Twitter

Habitaca keeps you motivated by treating your life like a video game. "Level up" as you make progress toward you life goals! Cost: Free to download. In-app purchases.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Coach provides information on PTSD, provides strategies to help manage symptoms, and provides crisis resources. Cost: Free

Calm Harm - manages self harm - Apps on Google Play 

Calm Harm, a self-harm prevention app, helps reduce the urge to self-harm by offering several strategies such as distraction, deep breathing, and comforting activities. the app includes password protection for added privacy. Cost: Free

UnCut App - Apps on Google Play 

UnCut gives alternatives to those who self-harm, access to support hotlines, and inspirational stories, Cost: Free

CBT-i Coach | VA Mobile 

CBT-I Coach helps improve you sleep, and includes a sleep diary to track sleep patterns and provides information on how to improve your sleep routine. Cost: Free

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds App - Free Offline Download | Android ... 

Relax Melodies allows you to create your own mix of relaxation sounds to help improve your quality of sleep. Sounds include white noise, natures sounds, and meditation music. Cost: Free to download. In-app purchases.

MY3 - Support Network - Apps on Google Play

 My3 is a suicide prevention app, helping you stay connected to the people you trust when you're experiencing a crisis. With My3, you can also develop a safety plan when experiencing suicidal thoughts and connect directly with suicide and crisis hotlines. Cost: Free