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Modesto Junior College

Film and Lecture

Spring 2015 Series

The Film and Lecture Series is designed to provide students and members of the community with the opportunity to engage in topics of social interest and relevance through the screening of thoughtful movies and by bringing speakers to the campus who have demonstrated knowledge on topics deemed to be of social significance.  Each film will be followed by a discussion with guest speakers or panelists. 

February 19 - Dark Girls

Dark Girls examines the prejudice women with darker shades of skin color face around the world, and the film argues that forces such as history, the media and the cosmetic industry have contributed to the self-esteem issues and the internalized racism that accompany the phenomenon of "colorism."

March 5 - The Human Face of Big Data

The Human Face of Big Data looks at the pros and cons of using digital technology to gather and analyze vast amounts of data in real time.  The ability to harness so much information, the film suggests, may lead to remarkable innovation and efficiency in business, government, healthcare, and virtually every aspect of life, but it could also threaten privacy and lead to some unwelcome changes as Big Data informs more of the decisions that are made.

March 19 - Chris Brenner

Chris Brenner, a professor of Community and Regional Development at UC Davis, will present an eye-opening lecture on economic inequality in the Central Valley, with special attention to the importance of educational attainment and to the solutions proven effective in promoting economic improvement in other parts of the country.

April 2 - Fed Up

Fed Up investigates the causes of obesity in the United States and argues that our attention should be focused primarily on sugar in processed foods, despite efforts of the sugar industry to direct our attention in other directions.

April 16 - DamNation

The makers of the film, DamNation present themselves as part of a growing movement that challenges the value of specific dams in the United States, especially in light of the dams' impact on fish populations and the environment we share.


WHERE: Forum Building Room 110 (located on MJC's East Campus)
COST: FREE - The films are free and open to the public

Questions?  Please contact Jason Wohlstadter, English Professor, at or Elizabeth McInnes, Biology, at 209.575.6299

Members of the film and lecture committee: Jason Wohlstadter (coordinator); Bill Anelli, Judy Cain, Joan Ferrell, Debbie Gilbert, Brian Greene, Jon Kropp, Ruth Luman, Liz McInnes, Dan Onorato, Mary Swier, Lillian Vallee, Theron Westrope.