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Modesto Junior College

Campus Clubs


In collaboration with the Business Services Office, there are new processes associated with Club procedures and forms.  Please visit the ASMJC Documents page for more information.

Campus Clubs

Looking for more than just books and classes? MJC’s student clubs offer a great way to enrich your academic experience with new activities and friends. We currently have more than 20 clubs on campus, and they focus on everything from careers, recreation and athletics to social events.

Concerts, BBQs, coat drives, political awareness booths, multi-cultural affairs and free films are just the beginning!

How to Join....

Campus Clubs Brochure CoverClick on our brochure to learn more about our clubs! For more information about a specific club, e-mail the club advisor or call (209) 575-6479. You can also visit us at the ASMJC Student Government Office in the Student Center on the East Campus or at the Mary Stuart Rogers Center on the West Campus.

Once you get all signed up, be sure to attend the Inter-Club Council and Campus-wide meetings. It’s a great opportunity to voice your opinions. Support issues of campus, local and global concern!

Club Advertisement

Our office can assist in all aspects of print and web marketing for club events. Please plan ahead and ask for assistance at least six weeks prior the the event. Please contact our Graphic Designer for more information at or at 575-7990.

Club Charter

To be considered for a new club or organization, submit the Application for Club Charter along with a Constitution and/or Bylaws, Officer Roster, and Membership Roster with ten (10) members to the Speaker of the Inter-Club Council.  Please be sure to also review ASMJC's Chartered Club Policies.  For more information on establishing a chartered club, visit the Student Senate Office located in the East Campus Student Center. 

Club List


The goals of the Administration of Justice Club at Modesto Junior College are to create leaders in the Administration of Justice field, broaden the horizons of MJC Administration of Justice students, and to support and supplement the Administration of Justice program at MJC. The goals of the club will be met through regular meetings, independent training and instruction, the hosting of guest speakers from the industry, field trips, fund raisers, community service events and other methods as they are developed.
Members must be currently in an Administration of Justice course or prospective Administration of Justice majors.

ADVISOR: Gregory Hausmann:


The MJC Aikido Club offers a venue to students for socialization and making new friends, while learning a very sophisticated Martial Art along the way. Students also participate in college sponsored activities with students in other MJC Clubs. 

Aikido is a Martial Art employing ancient self-defense techniques from Jujutsu, Samurai Sword Combat and other Martial Arts. In the MJC Aikido Club, students learn the philosophy and principles of Aikido as well as fundamental and advanced Aikido techniques. Students learn to use an attacker’s aggression to redirect his energy, take his balance and effortlessly take him to the ground. Aikido is sometimes referred to as “The Art of Peace” or “The Art of Spiritual Harmony”. 

ADVISOR: Michael Wilhoit:


The primary purpose of the Modesto Junior College Anatomy Club is to encourage scholastic effort, foster interest in anatomy, and to provide learning resources to MJC students, the college, and the community. It is the goal of the Anatomy Club to strive to promote excellence in scholastic achievement in the anatomy courses offered at Modesto Junior College. As well, the club will strive to provide opportunities for students to further their interest in anatomy such as assisting in cadaver dissection and casting anatomy models for use in the classrooms. Club activities will focus on educating the student body of Modesto Junior College and the community on the human body as well as providing various learning resources to the college.  

TWITTER: @mjcanatomyclub 
ADVISOR: David Martin:


We are a club who appreciates all things of the Asian culture. We focus on Japanese animation, and cos-play! If we sound like the club for you, please feel free to join us! We meet between the auditorium and the gym.  

ADVISOR: John Lytle: lytlej@mjc.edud the art building 


This is the group for the anthropology club. This club is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of anthropology and all of its respective disciplines. We meet every Thursday on East Campus is Pirates Village room 104 from 4:30pm-5:30pm. Our topics include anything related to biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, or archaeology. 

ADVISOR: Susan Kerr:


The Modesto Junior College Astronomy Club is an active group of amateur astronomers and people who are just plain curious about the wonders of space. Welcome! Our astronomy club is interested in helping each member learn a little bit more about the amazing universe we live in! The club makes a concerted effort to provide the community with opportunities to take a look through some telescopes. It is especially wonderful when we welcome a family with small children and introduce them to their first clear view of the wonders of the universe! 

ADVISOR: Noah Hughes:  Garry Hayes:

ADVISOR: Jeff Beebe:


The goals of the Black Student Union of Modesto Junior College will be to enhance sound student participation; to express the general will of the students to the student government; to create cultural and ethnic awareness on campus and in the community; to ensure that all students voices are heard; to promote tolerance regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender. Black Student Union is a body of students, and is most importantly for the students; Black Student Union will always address the concerns of students desiring a higher form of equal education, and strive to continue being one of the many voices on campus and in the community. 

ADVISOR: Al Smith:


ADVISOR: Kim Bailey:


Gain knowledge of the children’s programs here on campus; a unique place where early care and education are offered while placing importance on cultural sensitivity and building caring relationships between children, their families, and our teachers and supporting families through formal MJC parenting course instruction. This club is intended to support student success through the use of discussions, literature and the sharing of information. 

ADVISOR: Debbie Laffranchini:


Our goal is to promote a better America, with equality, opportunity, and freedom within a just and strong society, and enhance the general will of the Democratic Party for the students and community at Modesto Junior College. We call for full participation of all students, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, physical handicap, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. 

ADVISOR: Steve Miller:


The purposes of the Club are: 1) To contribute to the growth and influence of the Republican Party, at MJC and in the community; 2) To provide the club members with a liaison to other Republican organizations; 3) To recruit students as members of the Club and of the Republican Party; 4) To work for the election of Republican candidates to public office; 5) To train future leaders for local, state, and federal government; 6) To promote good campus, local, state, and federal government. 

ADVISOR: Jim Howen:


We explore the genre of electronic music and it's history. Our goals are to foster and nurture young talent in a safe, judgment free environment. We aim to encourage creativity and independence as well as instill self-confidence and lay the foundations for future success. 

ADVISOR: David Dow:  


We are the Freedom Forum, a nonpartisan political science club, established and maintained by the students of Modesto Junior College. Our main purpose is to promote and encourage political awareness and involvement amongst the students and community of the greater Modesto area in relation to global, national, state, and local politics. Encouraging political participation is one of our main goals. 

ADVISOR: Steven Miller:


The Gamers Club offers a place in which students and their friends can escape from the stress of their school work and life. We provide an entertaining forum through which you will not be judged for their hobbies and skills. We promote camaraderie and friendly competitiveness by playing various games. 

ADVISOR: Robert Scott:


The primary function of the Geology club is to maintain a current knowledge of geology; to gain knowledge, and assist others in learning about geology; to generate interest in the field of geology; to exist as a group that is committed to each other, the growth of the club, and the study of geology. 

ADVISOR: Garry Hayes:


ADVISOR: Paul Muncy:


The International Club is a club designed to bring students from the United States and the world together. We stimulate and promote friendship and understanding between foreign students, American students and the community. The club coordinates a yearlong program of activities that are educational, cultural, and social. The club dues are only $5.00 per semester and entitle the member to all of the activities of the club at member rates. Members are expected to participate in fund-raisers, community service, and club activities. More than anything else, they are expected to make new friends and have fun. 

ADVISOR: Barbara St. Urbain 


ADVISOR: Christine Lincoln:  


The Leadership Experience Club functions to aid Modesto Junior College students with the transition into college. We aim to provide our members with a fulfilling college experience by promoting academic excellence, campus life participation, and social interactions. These components are promoted in order to guide members to reach their goals while enrolled as a student here at Modesto Junior College. 

ADVISOR: Elizabeth David:


M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) is a leadership development club in which we look to highlight the value of our community. We encourage community service to develop a bridge between the college and the community as we highlight the power that lies in the relationships we build. M.E.Ch.A. also encourages political involvement in order to educate others and ourselves about issues or policies that directly affect us.  

ADVISOR: Melanie Berru:   


NAMI on Campus MJC club aim is to tackle mental health issues on campus by raising mental health awareness, educating the campus community, supporting students, promoting services and advocating. The club is open to all students, whether they live with a mental health condition, are a family member or friend or have an interest in mental health. NAMI on Campus club goals are to address the mental health needs of all students so they have positive, successful and rewarding college experiences.
ADVISOR: Dr. Kimberly Kennard:


Students who are named to the Dean’s List (based on academic merit) may be eligible for membership in Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society that recognizes the achievements of students attending two-year colleges. Through seminars, conferences, community projects and fun events, our organization offers members a chance to grow in the areas represented by the four Phi Theta Kappa hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship. The purpose of the Beta Mu Theta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Modesto Junior College shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students at Modesto Junior College. Phi Theta Kappa is well known for support and encouragement in the transfer process of four-year universities, including exclusive scholarships and transfer opportunities.  

ADVISOR: Judy Cain:


An Opportunity to Explore Philosophy in a Student-Led Environment.
ADVISOR: Bill Anelli:


We are Modesto Junior College’s Gender and Sexuality Minorities Club. A collection of students concerned about the well-being and safety of GSM students at our college and beyond. Our purpose is to offer a safe and confidential environment for closeted, questioning, and out students to come and express themselves. We endeavor to foster understanding and diversity and promote equality among the community for GSM students at every turn.  



We, the members of the Modesto Junior College Visual Arts Club, establish this organization in order to represent the student art community within and beyond the Modesto Junior College campus. We aim to promote the cooperation between students, faculty, and community members in order to raise awareness and appreciation of the visual arts. Our goals include creating a supportive environment for aspiring artists to reach their full potential, to further educate the community in the Arts, and to foster the pursuit of creative endeavors. 

ADVISOR: Richard Serros:


The purpose of the Pirates for Liberty is engaging the Modesto Junior College community in discussing the ideas of a free society. Our goal is to create student interest in these ideas; to strengthen interest, introduce others to liberty and to uphold the principles of the U.S. Constitution. We want to foster social acceptance in addition to personal and economic freedom. Liberty for all! 

ADVISOR: William Holly:


1. To provide an organization which will serve to bridge the gap between high school age and the time when an individual may take membership in an adult agriculture organization. 
2. To supplement classroom work with citizenship training such as leadership, cooperation, and responsibility. 
3. To promote activities designed to give students an opportunity to participate in the program of work of the organization and learn the principles of working together. 
4. To encourage social and recreational activities.
5. To cooperate with FFA Chapters and 4-H Clubs in their activities.
6. To assist and cooperate with other agriculture organizations.
7. To increase the members knowledge in agriculture through systematic education.
8. To acquaint members with agriculture legislation.
9. To acquaint members with government services.
10. To help young persons in getting established in agriculture. 
Call (209) 575-6479 for meeting times and information about any of these clubs. 

ADVISOR: Dale Pollard: Mike Morales:


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