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Modesto Junior College

ASMJC Current Leaders

2016-2017 ASMJC Leaders

Executive Officers

President-Thomas Ledesma

Executive Vice President-Alexis Dye

Vice President of Legislation-Jonathan Andrews

Vice President of Activities-Amy Nevarez

Vice President of Communication-Vacant

Vice President of Finance-Vacant

Executive Secretary-Alison Griffin


Agriculture & Environmental Science – Darryl Hadlich                   

Arts, Humanities, & Communications – Jessenia Duarte                     

Business, Behavioral, & Social Sciences – Jake Cook                     

Community Relations – Alexis Zaragoza                  

Counseling & Student Services – Cindy Barragan Lopez 

Diversity-Danya Dominguez                    

Family & Consumer Sciences – Maria Mondragon                                    

Library & Information Technology – Nicholas Navarro                     

Literature & Language Arts – Tarae McQueen    

Matriculation-Daisy Robles                

Physical, Recreational, & Health Education – Kevin Romero                    

Science, Math, & Engineering – Daniel Cornejo                     

Special Programs – Henna Battan                     

Student Financial Services – Crystal Dorsey                    

Technical Education & Workforce Development – Joseph Suratt                 

Veteran’s Affairs – Vacant

2017-2018 ASMJC Elect

*Take office June 1


President – Cindy Lopez                     

Vice President – Daniel Cornejo                     

Director of Political Development – Nicolas Navarro

Director of Student Relations – Vacant                     

Director of College Affairs – Vacant                     

Secretary – To Be Appointed                     


Agriculture & Environmental Science – Vacant                     

Arts, Humanities, & Communications – Alexis Zaragoza                     

Business, Behavioral, & Social Sciences – Emily York                     

Community Relations – Aaron Sill                     

Counseling & Student Services – Brittni Clack                     

Family & Consumer Sciences – Annai Acosta                     

Health Services – Daisy Robles                     

Library & Information Technology – Vacant                     

Literature & Language Arts – Kaydee Cruz                     

Physical, Recreational, & Health Education – Vacant                     

Science, Math, & Engineering – Peter Vang                     

Special Programs – Erika Franco                     

Student Financial Services – Vacant                     

Technical Education & Workforce Development – Hector Aguilar                     

Veteran’s Affairs – Vacant

Campus Life & Student Learning

Contact Us

Phone: 209-575-6700

East Campus

Campus Life Office
Student Center, Room 2
8:00 a.m.-5:00pm

Student Activities Center
Student Center, Room 3
8:00 a.m.-5:00pm

West Campus

Mary Stuart Rogers Student Learning Center
8:00 a.m.-5:00pm