Agriculture Clubs

MJC Agriculture Department has a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs including:

 Apply for a Young Farmer Scholarship

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Become a Young Farmer Officer for Fall 2020!

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Applications are  due April 10th by 5:00 pm

Officers will be slated and online elections will take place the third week of April.


YF Young Farmers   

Members of the Young Farmers Club enjoy activities throughout the year that serve to bridge the gap between high school age and young adulthood by providing the MJC Agriculture students the opportunity to meet and connect with people of their same interests and general age.

  • Foster student social relationships
  • Encourage student involvement
  • Promote industry connections
  • Develop cooperation with the community
  • See more on our MJC Young Farmer Facebook & Instagram pages!

Spring 2020 Officer Team:

2020 Officers

Co - Advisor Steve Amador, Secretary Marcus Marsigli, Vice President Megan Yoder, President: Abigail Douglas, Treasurer Kaci Walker, Reporter Allison Nunes, Historian Josephina Cervantes, ICC Rep Elizabeth Merenda,    Co - Advisor Marlies Boyd


Power Mechanics

Pullin' Pirates: includes annual MJC Truck Pull
MJC Pull Truck Team

Animal Science

Activities include Winter Classic (Cattle) and Spring Classic (Swine, Sheep & Goats) Jackpots, Livestock Judging Team, etc.
See more on our Animal Science Highlights and News Page

Dairy Science

Activities include the Dairy Replacement Heifer Sale (held every other year in October), Judging Teams, bowling, and more

Dairy Bowling

MJC Dairy Heifer Sale


Environmental Horticulture Science

Activities include club meetings, the Annual Plant Sale, field trips, and more

MJC Plant Sale 

Poultry Science

Activities include club meetings, bowling (see above with dairy), senior day, chicken barbeque, PEPA conference, poultry shows, field day, and more
Poultry Award MJC Poultry Club