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Modesto Junior College

Agriculture & Environmental Sciences Faculty & Staff

General Agriculture Office (East Campus):
435 College Avenue  •  Modesto, CA 95350  •  (209) 575-6200 


Don Borges


Office: East Campus Room 102

(209) 575-6200




Steve Amador

Agriculture Mechanics 

Office: East Campus Room 105

(209) 575-6215

Marlies Boyd

Animal Science, Poultry Science, Ag Business

Office: East Campus Room 119


(209) 575-6212

Todd Conrado

Power Mechanics/Heavy Equipment Repair

Office: East Campus Room 107

(209) 575-6214

Troy Gravatt

General Agriculture

Office: East Campus Room 116

(209) 575-6790

Julie Haynes

Veterinary Technology, Equine Science

Office: East Campus Room 120

(209) 575-6872

Bill Hobby

Dairy Science, Ag Business

Office: East Campus Room 112

(209) 575-6053

 John Mendes

Animal Science

Office: West Campus ACE Pavilion &
            East Campus Room 114

(209) 575-6205 (E)

(209) 548-5704 (W)

 Mike Morales

Plant Science

Office: East Campus Room 118

(209) 575-6209 (E)

(209) 548-5705 (W)

 Dale Pollard

Environmental Horticulture Science

Office: East Campus Room 121

 (209) 575-6204

Lori Marchy

Agriculture Business

Office: East Campus Room 113

 (209) 575-6206
 Classified Staff:



Andy Alderson

Operations Manager

Office: West Campus

(209) 548-5766

Maryanne Ambler

Agriculture Administrative Secretary 

Office: East Campus Room 100

 (209) 575-6200

Steve Andrade

Agriculture Instructional
Support Technician

Office: East Campus Room 104

(209) 575-6175

Kim Bailey


Office: East Campus Room 

(209) 575-6011

 Rhonda Deming

Agriculture Administrative Technician

Office: East Campus Room 

 (209) 575-6244

 Sue Hobby

Agriculture Computer Instructional
Support Technician

Office: East Campus Room AG127

(209) 575-6895

 John Macedo

Animal Science Instructional
Support Technician

Office: West Campus ACE Pavilion

(209) 548-5703 


Krista Vannest

Agriculture Project Director,
DSN Grant

Office: East Campus Room 111

(209) 575-6449

Tim McDaniel

Vet Tech Program Specialist

Office: East Campus Room 

(209) 575-6031

Lee Ridge

Hort/AgSci Instructional Support

Office: East Campus Nursery Retail 

(209) 575-6213

Nick Stuyt

Ag Mechanics Instructional
Support Technician

(209) 575-6679

Brittney Thomas

Veterinary Technician Instructional
Support Specialist

Office: East Campus Room 104

(209) 575-6188

 Kim Langley

Accounting Technician

Office: East Campus Room 122

 (209) 575-6054


Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Contact Us

Phone: 209-575-6200
Fax: 209-575-6199
Web Site Ag Home Page:

Agriculture Division Office
MJC East Campus
435 College Ave. 
Modesto, CA, 95350
Fall/Spring Semester Hours
Monday - Friday: 
     8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Summer Hours
Monday - Thursday:
     8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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