Humanities Program

This A.A. is designed as a University Preparation, Emphasis in Humanities. The University Preparation degree, distinctive of the University Preparation "pathway," is designed to prepare you for transfer to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) campus. The humanities include, but are not limited to, the history, theory, comparison, and criticism of a broad range of subjects in the liberal arts, including pictorial, plastic, musical, and performance arts; literature; philosophy; foreign languages and cultures; mythology and comparative religion; and those aspects of the social sciences (such as history and cultural anthropology) that use historical and interpretive rather than quantitative methods of inquiry. The humanities enable us to reflect upon our lives and ask fundamental questions of value, purpose, and meaning in a rigorous and systematic way.


To earn an Associate in Arts degree with this emphasis, the student must complete the requirements detailed in the University Preparation Pathway in the MJC Catalog which include completion of the requirements below. See advisor for selection of courses

Meet the Humanities Faculty

Flora Carter              Trevor Jackson
Prof. Flora Carter                                    Dr. Trevor Jackson
(Not teaching Fall 2019)                          ART 126
209.575.6802                                          209.575.                           

Chad Redwing             Aishah Saleh  
Prof. Chad Redwing                               Prof. Aishah Saleh
PAC 218                                                 PAC 211
209.575.6454                                         209.575.6499                      

Stephanie Jacobs                      Stephanie Jacobs

Sarah Stevenson                                    Suzanne Akard
Online                                                     Online
(office hours by appointment only)         (office hours by appointment only)                   


Past Events

'Learning Encounters Fall 2018'

Friday, September 28th 
9:45am – 2pm 
MJC Performance Jam 'n Jive
Post Performance Lunch Workshop with Professor Kim Davis, Dance, MJC. Come see a special performance of this fascinating dance production with hundreds of students of all ages. Then, have lunch with the dancers and director and learn how to incorporate more movement into learning. 

Friday, October 5th 
Gallo Center for the Arts Music Lives! Concert-series with guest pianist Natsuki Fukasawa; her multi-media piano recital is an event you won’t want to miss. 
Student tickets available at the Gallo Center for the special negotiated rate of $15 with ID. Tickets are also available at the MJC Box Office Tuesday-Friday Noon-5:00pm

Thursday, October 25th 
7pm - 10 pm MJC Performance (Peter and the Starcatcher) & Reception with Actors and Professor Lynette Borrelli-Glidewell. It’s opening night of this prequel to Peter Pan. Then enjoy a reception after the performance with the director and actors.

Wednesday, November 14th 
Columbia College Special Event: Midterm Dessert Cook-Off with Professor Marcus Whisenant & Culinary Arts students

Learning Encounters Coming Spring 2019 

Friday, March 1st 
7:30pm-10:30pm Gallo Center for the Arts Performance (Les Freres Meduses) and Reception w/Professor Alejandro Sabre, Musicians and Students.

Thursday, April 4th 
6 pm – 9 pm Celebration of the Humanities Mealtime Conversation with Humanities Professors Flora Carter, Chad Redwing and Aishah Saleh as well as Community Learning Resources/Guides from the Common Ground Cohort (NEH) 

Check-Ins to Discuss How the Liberal Arts May be Infused Across the Curriculum to Promote Equitable Learning and Student Success. 
Faculty who attend at least 2 events and one conference call check-in are eligible for a stipend. 
If you are interested in the stipend program, please contact Chad Redwing at 

Wednesday, December 5th 
3:30 pm - 5 pm End of Semester Innovation Check-in (Virtual Conference Call) 

Wednesday, January 30th 
3:30 pm -5 pm Beginning of Semester Innovation Check-in (Virtual Conference Call) 

Wednesday, April 10th 
3:30 pm -5 pm End of Semester Innovation Check-in (Virtual Conference Call)

Search for Common Ground Project

“The Search For Common Ground: Culture in California’s Central Valley,” is a two-year “Humanities Initiatives Grant” project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities aimed at fostering discussions and curricular development that critically explore the rich cultural heritage, daily life and struggles of those who live in California’s Central Valley.  The project brings together Modesto Junior College and other California community college faculty, as well as regional scholars, artists and leadership from the University of California at Merced, California State University Stanislaus, Fresno State University, The National Steinbeck Center, El Teatro Campesino and the Modesto Junior College Foundation to study the culture of California’s Central Valley, to develop collegial networks for scholarly collaboration and to create thematic curricular modules (grounded in the poetics of local cultural heritages and regionally-lived experiences) for use in a wide-variety of post-secondary classrooms.  

For more information please click on the link above. 




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