We have five major areas of concentration: English, English as a Second Language, Foreign Languages,
Reading, and American Sign Language. 


 We are proud to be affiliated with several exciting programs designed to assist and involve the MJC community. 
Celebration of the Humanities The Latinx Comic Arts Festival


 Encourage students to improve their communication and critical thinking skills to develop a better understanding
of themselves,their own culture, and the cultures and languages of others in order to create an educated,
proactive citizenry.

Core Values:

 Providing Creative, Quality Instruction in a Supportive Environment
  • Empowering Students to Grow as Individuals and Engage as Citizens
  • Respecting Everyone in Our Work Environment
  • Fostering the Integrity of Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Cultivating Joy in Our Everyday Work Interactions


Jillian Daly  Division Dean 
Daisy Carter  Administrative Secretary  (209) 575-6159
Alicia Ocegueda  Administrative Technician  (209) 575-6149



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