Program Review

Modesto Jr. College recognizes that its curriculum and course offerings must be responsive to the needs of the students and the community that it serves, and further that the college must continue to support its mission as well as the goals of individual programs. As the needs of the students and community change, the content and make-up of the educational programs must undergo regular review for appropriateness and effectiveness.

Program Review Process

Program Review submission requires two simple steps by the key contact person for each program:

1. Submit completed program review to division dean and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (for publication).

2. Copy and paste program review information into a Qualtrics survey platform (We will send the link to the point persons when you send a list of programs and the primary faculty names in your division).

Program Review Template           Program Review Instructions and Process





September 15
Program Personnel submit Program Review to Deans
September 20
Campus-wide Program Review Party
MJC Constituents
October 11
Deans review program submissions, submit Administrative Review
October 25
Prioritized resource requests are categorized/forwarded to RAC
Institutional Effectiveness
November 8
Vice Presidents review divisions and submit Administrative Review
December 2
MJC Program Review Findings published to campus
IE & PR Workgroup