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Modesto Junior College

ACCJC Rubric on Program Review

ACCJC guidelines require that institutions operate at the Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement Level

Characteristics of Institutional Effectiveness in Program Review


  • There is preliminary investigative dialogue at the institution or within some departments about what data or process should be used for program review.
  • There is recognition of existing practices and models in program review that make use of institutional research.
  • There is exploration of program review models by various departments or individuals.
  • The college is implementing pilot program review models in a few programs or operational units.


  • Program review is embedded in practice across the institution using qualitative and quantitative data to improve program effectiveness.
  • Dialogue about the results of program review is evident within the program as part of discussion of program effectiveness.
  • Leadership groups throughout the institution accept responsibility for program review framework development (Senate, Administration, etc.)
  • Appropriate resources are allocated to conducting program review of meaningful quality. Development of a framework for linking results of program review to planning for improvement.
  • Development of a framework to align results of program review to resource allocation.


  • Program review processes are in place and implemented regularly.
  • Results of all program review are integrated into institution-wide planning for improvement and informed decision-making.
  • The program review framework is established and implemented.
  • Dialogue about the results of all program reviews is evident throughout the institution as part of discussion of institutional effectiveness.
  • Results of program review are clearly and consistently linked to institutional planning processes and resource allocation processes; college can demonstrate or provide specific examples.
  • The institution evaluates the effectiveness of its program review processes in supporting and improving student achievement and student learning outcomes.

Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Program review processes are ongoing, systematic, and used to assess and improve student learning and achievement.
  • The institution reviews and refines its program review processes to improve institutional effectiveness.
  • The results of program review are used to continually refine and improve program practices resulting in appropriate improvements in student achievement and learning

Source: Taken from the Fullerton College Program Review Handbook