Adaptive Physical Education

The Adapted Physical Education program at MJC provides exercise for students with physical/medical limitations.  The instructor will develop individualized exercise programs for each student, which if necessary are carried out with the assistance of trained instructional assistants and student assistants.

The Adapted Physical Education Program offers a range of courses to meet the fitness needs of students with disabilities.  These include strength development and total fitness exercise programs.  Our curriculum is designed to accommodate an individualized program development as well as group instruction.  The program is run in a classroom filled with state of the art regular and adapted exercise equipment.

The program is currently taught by one full-time and several part-time faculty, and supported by two instructional assistants and student assistants.  The Disability Services Program at MJC works cooperatively with the Adapted PE program and provides a portion of the support services available in the program.

Class Descriptions

It is Recommended that students be registered through Disability Services or provide medical verification upon enrolling in a class.

PE-A 140 Adapted Strength Development

The course includes development and maintenance of muscular strength for students with physical/medical limitations.  Emphasis on encouraging independence and teaching lifelong fitness knowledge and skills.

PE - A 141 Adapted Fitness

This specialized course in physical exercise involves all aspects of body conditioning; balance, flexibility, functional motor control, developmental movement, strength and endurance.  Individualized and group exercise programs that encourage independence and lifelong wellness.

  • Future Classes To Be Offered
  • Adapted Aquatics
  • Functional Water Exercise
  • Adapted Swimming
  • Back Care Classes
  • Arthritis Exercise Classes
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Outdoor activities
  • Wheelchair Sports
  • Adapted Running
  • Student Assistant Academic Program

The Adapted Physical Education Program Depends on trained student assistants who are interested in, and willing to work with people with disabilities in the exercise classroom.  Students that assist in the program are looking for first hand experience working in a field that serves individuals with disabilities.  Many go on to careers in physical therapy, recreation therapy, gerontology, nursing, and education.  Many others continue their education in unrelated fields.

The skills and understanding related to assisting in Adapted PE classes are taught through enrolling in PE 122 (3 units), Adapted Physical Education Theory and Lab.  The class is taught fall and spring quarters and includes 1 day a week lecture and 3 hours a week lab.  After passing this class students are eligible to receive more units through PE 90 (Assisting in Adapted PE).

Depending upon funding paid student assistant positions open up as well and these students are eligible to apply.

For more information contact:
Milan Motroni - Adapted Physical Education Coordinator
Phone: 209-575-6267or e-mail