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 What are Zero Textbook Cost Courses?

A Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) course is one for which students are not required to buy a textbook. There may be a materials fee associated with the course such as a calculator or art supplies, but students do not need to buy any books. Some courses might include a recommended textbook on a course syllabus, but it is clear that students are not required to buy it. So how exactly do faculty build a ZTC course? There are different ways. One of them is creating content on their own, but that is really time-consuming. Another way is to use Open Education Resources (OER).

The ZTC Logo

The State has adopted this symbol as the ZTC logo. Students can look for this logo when they register for courses.
Faculty teaching a ZTC course: Let your division secretary know that you will be teaching a ZTC course, and the Instruction Office will attach this logo to the course in the PiratesNet class schedule.

ZTC logo