Financial Aid Appeal

Click on "Available Now" to begin the appeal process and receive the appeal form.

1.  Watch the GetSAP Video Presentation.

2.  At the end of the presentation, you will have access to the Appeal form.

  Available Now

     Summer 2021:  April 6, 2021 - June 14, 2021

Follow the steps to SUCCESSFULLY submit your appeal request. 

Step 1: 

Complete the appeal form and gather all required documents as indicated on the Appeal Checklist

The Summer semester Appeal Form is fillable so there is NO NEED to print.  

1.  Complete all questions on the Appeal Form.

2.  Save your completed Appeal as a PDF.  

3.  Gather your Educational Plan and any other documentation you want to submit with your appeal.

To access your education plan (required for DQM students):
  • Log into your Starfish account at  Starfish
  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines next to "My Success Network"
  • Press on "Degree Planner"
  • Click on your current Education Plan
  • Press print then under "Destination" select to save as a PDF
  • Attach your Educational Plan to the appeal submission email
 To access Degree Audit (not an option for DQM students):
  • Log into your PiratesNet account at  Pirates Net Student Portal
  • Go to "Current and Former Students"
  • Click on "Degree Audit" under "Academic Profile"
  • Select your major
  • Press submit
  • Save the degree audit
  • Attach your Degree Audit to your appeal submission email

Step 2: 

Use your MJC Email to submit your Summer 2021 Appeal request.  Submit to:

1.  Use your MJC email ONLY to submit your appeal

2.  Submit your appeal to ONLY.   Receiving your appeal through our regular financial aid email slows down the processing of your request.

3.  Attach your Educational Plan and any documents to your appeal submission.


  • Incomplete Appeals or Appeals received from your personal email will be returned as unprocessed.

Step 3: 

Check your Student Email often for updates on the status of your appeal

1.  We will send you an email when your completed appeal is received.  Please allow up to five business days.

2.  Once an appeal decision is made, you will receive an email reply.  Please allow 3-4 weeks processing time.

 Additional Information: 

1.  Grades of EW (Excused Withdraw) will NOT affect your academic progress.

2.  Appeal Workshops are NOT required for Summer 2021 as indicated in the GetSAP video presentation.


 If you have questions regarding your need to appeal, please email the Student Financial Services Office at