Financial Aid Appeal

Step 1:  Click on "Available Now" to begin the appeal process and receive the appeal form.

  Available Now

     Summer 2020:  April 13, 2020 - June 15, 2020


Step 2:  Complete the appeal form and gather all required documents as indicated on the Appeal Checklist


Step 3:  Submit your Summer 2020 Appeal Request by email to 


Step 4:  Check your Student Email often for updates on the status of your appeal



1.  Grades of EW (Excused Withdraw) will NOT affect your academic progress.
2.  Appeal Workshops are NOT required for Summer 2020 as indicated in the GetSAP video presentation.


If you have questions regarding your need to appeal, please email the Student Financial Services Office at


Fall 2020 Appeals will be available beginning July 21, 2020