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(AB540) Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Request Form

Apply to have your “non-California resident” status reviewed.

AB540 Eligibility Requirements

Academic Renewal Application

Approved applications alleviate substandard grades from GPA.

Appeal for Loss of Priority Registration

Students who have lost priority registration may request to have it reinstated.

Assessment Results Release Form

Students should complete this form if they are requesting their assessment results to be sent to another educational institution.

Associate Degree Application

Apply for Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree. Please review application deadlines prior to submitting. Deadline Dates

Certificate of Competency/Completion Application

Apply for a Certificate of Completion Application. Please review application deadlines prior to submitting. Deadline Dates

Certificate of Achievement/Skills Recognition Application

Apply for a Certificate of Achievement/Skills Recognition. Please review application deadlines prior to submitting. Deadline Dates

Concurrent Enrollment for Continuing Students (MJC & CC)

Students taking classes at both MJC and Columbia College must complete this form.

Course Registration Form

Students may use this form to add courses during registration.

Discrimination Complaint Form

Document Pick Up Authorization

Authorize another person to pick up your award, official transcript or enrollment verification.

Drop Form

Students may use this form to drop a class when they are unable to do so through PiratesNet.

Duplicate Diploma/Certificate Request 

Request a Duplicate Diploma or Certificate.

Enrollment Verification Request

Verifies your enrollment status for insurance, loan deferment, child care, training verification or employment purposes.

Financial Aid Appeal

If you have been notified that you have been placed on financial aid disqualification, you will need to submit an appeal in order to be considered for financial aid.

Free Transcript Request

Students have two (2) Free Transcripts within their lifetime. Submit this form to request 1 or both of your free transcripts. 

GE/IGETC Certification Form

This Certification will show that you have completed some or all of your General Education Requirements. Please note that this should only be requested if you have been admitted to another institution and they have requested a certification to be completed.

General Complaint Form

Grade Check

Student should bring this form when meeting with a counselor regarding academic/progress dismissal.

Harassment Complaint Form

Health Fee Exemption

Mail Diploma/Certificate Request

Request your diploma/certificate to be mailed to you.

Notice to Deny Disclosure of Directory Information

Complete this form and submit to the Enrollment Services office (East campus) in-person if you would like to block the release of directory information.  Photo ID must be presented at time of request.

Pass/No Pass Grading Form

Apply for pass/no pass grading status for a class.

Personal Information Update

Updates your personal information (name, birthdate, social security number, email). To update your mailing address visit PiratesNet.

Prerequisite/Corequisite Challenge Form

Challenge a prerequisite or co-requisite with the Division Office. This form is to be submitted to the Division Office.

Refund Request

Apply for a refund of fees.

Release of Student Information

Student wishes to grant permission to release information to a parent/guardian.

Residency Consideration

Apply to have your “non-California resident” status reviewed.

Special Part-Time Petition for Advanced Admission

Students at least 13 years old planning to attend MJC and high school or junior high concurrently must submit this form to Enrollment Services after completing their admissions application online.

Optional Fee Waiver Form

Request credit for optional Student Activity Fee and/or Representation Fee.

Student Petitions

Click here to view our website that explains our petition process and has links to petition forms.

Transfer Work Evaluation Request

Students transferring from other colleges should complete this form if they need a Prerequisite Clearance or Full Evaluation. (See Evaluations webpage for details)