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Institutional Effectiveness


The MJC Office of Research and Planning has developed significant and valuable capacity in strategic survey administration and analysis for continuous quality assessment during the period 2015-18. Below is a cross-section of major surveys conducted during this period. Questions should be directed to Scott Kerlin, Director of College Research.

MJC Non-Returning Students Survey 2018

During March 2018, Modesto Junior College conducted its first annual survey of non-returning students (i.e. formerly enrolled but not returned in a subsequent semester). This survey was modeled on a similar survey conducted twice each year by De Anza College.

The 2018 survey at MJC was conducted with approximately 5000 students who were enrolled in Fall 2017 and did not re-enroll in Spring 2018. A range of questions enabled former students to provide qualitative and quantitative feedback on primary issues regarding their reasons to not enroll in Spring, and also provided key insights into our former students who successfully transferred to 4-year institutions. Students who indicated they departed due to course unavailability at MJC provided details on the primary subject area of such courses. 

MJC Student Experience Survey 2017

During April and May 2017, Modesto Junior College conducted the 2017 MJC Student Experience Survey. This survey was administered online to all Spring 2017 enrolled students at the College. A range of questions enabled students to provide qualitative and quantitative feedback about their experiences as students at MJC. Results from students who were primarily enrolled in online courses are available here

CCSSE Student Surveys at MJC, 2006-2017

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) is a nationwide survey of community college students, in collaboration with the Community College Leadership Program at the University of Texas at Austin. CCSSE has been conducted at MJC every 2 years since 2006. Read more about the background of the CCSSE here.

Results from the CCSSE have been utilized for:

  1. Assessment of core indicators of institutional effectiveness
  2. Measurement of student engagement as a reflection of institutional quality
  3. Identification of areas of needed institutional improvement
  4. Application of an equity lens to determine if there are gaps between student groups. 

CCSSE Findings Pages:

2017 CCSSE and SOSE at MJC Overview 

2017 Summary of Key Responses to CCSSE, by Scott Kerlin

2017 CCSSE Custom Questions for MJC Findings

2006-2017 Longitudinal Trends by Benchmark for MJC

2015 CCSSE Findings Overview 

2015 Overview of Responses to CCSSE, by Scott Kerlin

2015 CCSSE Custom Questions for MJC Findings

SOSE Survey of Online Student Engagement at MJC 2017 

The SOSE is affiliated with the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and is designed for administration only to students enrolled in online courses. SOSE was administered at MJC for the first time during Spring 2017, and results have been used to strengthen effectiveness of online education at MJC. 


SENSE Survey of Entering Student Engagement 2018

The SENSE survey is also affiliated with the Community College Student Engagement and is specifically intended for administration to new students only. It is administered during the 4th and 5th weeks of the fall academic term. MJC will be administering SENSE during Fall semester 2018.


Employee Surveys (Staff, Faculty, Student Services Staff, Student Services Faculty) 2017

The Office of Research and Planning coordinated surveys of MJC full-time and part-time instructors, classified staff, and student services professionals in Spring 2017. Nearly 200 MJC employees participated and submitted completed survey results. Faculty responses included qualitative feedback about most rewarding and most frustrating aspects of their experiences. 


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Jenni Abbott
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
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James Palmer
Senior College Research Analyst
Phone: (209) 575-6220

Amanda Cannon
College Research Analyst
Phone: (209) 575-6076


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