The Modesto Junior College Public Relations team supports the college’s mission and enrollment goals by creating and maintaining a positive image of the college. The department accomplishes this by sharing campus news with area media, and by providing high-quality, visual and written communications, promotional materials, and creative marketing solutions and strategies to enhance public awareness and encourage participation in the college's many programs, services, events and activities. The department is committed to:

  • Creating progressive design solutions
  • Implementing strategic marketing approaches
  • Formulating branding identity for the college
  • Upholding graphic standards
  • Responding to new trends and technologies
  • Exceeding customer service expectations

MJC Public Relations Team

  • Fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the college and the news media
  • Facilitates sharing campus news and information with the greater community, as well as internally to the campus community
  • Provides departments with editorial, graphic design, photography, and project coordination support
  • Plans and implements marketing communications and advertising campaigns that are aligned with institutional goals
  • Maintains communications and visual identity standards
  • Develops, designs, coordinates and manages the college's website and social media presence