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Faculty & Staff Forms

Enrollment Services has provided this Faculty & Staff forms page for easier access to forms that you often use.   We have also updated our forms recently, so please be sure to discard any old forms and only use the most recent form on the page below.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding these forms, please contact us at 209-575-6853.  Thank you & have a great semester!

Application for Course Audit: This form is started with the student and must be completed by Enrollment Services, the instructor of the course, the Division Dean, and the Business Office.  Once all parties have completed their portion, the form is then returned to Enrollment Services (in-person) to add the student to the class.

Course Equivalency Request:  This form is located in each Division office or the Evaluations Office and is requested by the student.  Once the student completes the form and attached the required documentation, they return this form to the appropriate Division for review.  A separate Course Equivalency form needs to be completed for each course unless it is a two part course (Ex: BIO 101 and BIO 101 Lab = BIO 111 so one form is acceptable).   Completed forms (with both instructor and dean signatures) should be submitted to the Evaluations Office.

Course Substitution:  This form is located in each Division office and is requested by the student.  It is recommended students work with faculty or the Division Dean to complete the form.  Approved forms with all required signatures must be submitted to the Evaluations Office no later than 2 weeks after the end of the term.

Credit by Examination: **Updated (09/2016)**  This form has been updated to reflect the policy outlined in the current MJC catalog.  Students must follow the steps on the form and get eligibility approval from the Enrollment Services office prior to any Division approval.  Completed forms or questions regarding the process can be submitted to Molly Boyatt in Enrollment Services (209-575-6491 or  Requests must be filed no later than seven (7) weeks before the end of the semester.

Incomplete Grade:  **Updated (05/2019)** This form must be submitted 72 hours after final grades are posted for the semester and an Incomplete Grade was issued to a student(s).  A separate form must be completed for each student, for each class where an Incomplete Grade was issued.  Completed forms should be submitted to Enrollment Services through inter-office mail, email, or in-person.  The instructor is required to contact the student and let them know that they have been given an incomplete, for the course. Forms are held for one year in Enrollment Services and instructors must contact our office if a grade needs to be changed/updated before the expiration date. 

Independent Study Form: Independent Study allows students to pursue projects under faculty advisement and supervision.  To be eligible for Independent Study, a student must be concurrently enrolled in at least one other class at Modesto Junior College except for summer sessions. The proposal is subject to prior approval by the supervising instructor and the division dean in order for the student to enroll in Independent Study.   

Instructor Grade Correction: **Updated 07/2019** This form is instructor initiated and may be used up to one year following the end of a semester to correct a student's grade because of a calculation or clerical error.  Completed forms should be submitted to Cheri Garcia in Enrollment Services through inter-office mail, email, or in-person. 

Move Add-Move Drop:  This form is used to move students to a different section within the SAME course.  Forms must have both student and instructor signatures and be submitted to the Enrollment Services Office. This form can be used after census.

Permission to Add After Census: **Updated 7/2019** Effective February 1, 2017, this form is used for instructors who wish to add students (who have attended or participated in class) after the census date has passed. It is to be submitted to Enrollment Services via interoffice mail or via email at the following address:

Permission to Drop After Census: **Updated 09/2019** Effective June 8, 2017, this form is used for instructors who wish to drop students from full-term or short-term courses. It is to be submitted to Enrollment Services via interoffice mail or via email at the following address:

Positive Attendance Add: **Updated 07/2019**This form is to be used for adding students to a positive attendance course, after the census date for the class has passed.

Prerequisite/Corequisite Challenge:  This form is requested by the student and located in each division office.  If the Prerequisite/Corequisite Challenge form is approved, the student will pick the form up in the division office. The form must be submitted in person to the Enrollment Services Office with a Course Registration form.

Request for Reinstatement: **Updated 09/2019** Effective summer 2016, MJC will no longer be allowing late adds after census unless it is a reinstatement.  It is very important that all roster certifications for adds/drops are completed on-time.  Completed forms with student and instructor signatures can be submitted directly to Enrollment Services for processing.  For questions, please contact Enrollment Services at 209-575-6853.

Student Petitions: Visit our Student Petitions website for updated petition forms and information about our revised process.  For more information or questions, please contact Arianna Kennedy, Admissions & Records Specialist at 209-575-6535.

Time Conflict Resolution: **Updated 5/2019**  This form is located in each Division office and is requested by the student.   Both the instructor and Division Dean must either approve or deny the student's request.  Only approved forms should be submitted to the Enrollment Services office for processing.

Transfer Work Evaluation Request - This form is required if you need your transcripts from other regionally accredited institutions to be evaluated for MJC credit.  Emailed forms must be signed & submitted with your MJC student email, otherwise they will NOT BE PROCESSED.  Forms emailed in a picture format cannot be processed.