MJC Logos

Modesto Junior College strives to build a “branded look” for the institution’s publications, website, advertising, posters, flyers and other materials.  A vital part of this branding is consistent use of the official college logo in publications, printed materials and website.  It is also important to preserve the dimensions and integrity of the logo while abiding by the graphic standards that guide colors and minimum size for the college logo.

The MJC community is urged to access and use the official “swish logo” on all college materials - particularly anything that will be viewed outside of a classroom or off campus. The MJC logo may be displayed in black or reflex blue.  On official documents or for official occasions, such as the Commencement Ceremony or Faculty Tenure Recognition Ceremony, the college seal may be used in place of the MJC logo, or the college logo may be used in gold or silver ink or silver, gold or blue foil with prior approval of the MJC Public Relations office.

The MJC logo is not to be manipulated in any way. (In most software programs when sizing the logo, hold down the shift key to keep the logo proportionately correct. The logo should always be at least 1.5 inches or larger in width.  Exceptions are:  1) when a secondary/repeat logo is used in the same publication, or 2) If it is physically impossible to fit a 1.5 inch wide logo, such as on a pen or other small promotional item, in which case we recommend considering replacing use of the logo with the college's full name in simple text.  (Logos smaller than 1.5 inches are extremely hard to read.)

The MJC logo should be used alone and prominently on all college materials that are to be used outside the classroom. Official college divisions and departments are allowed to request the addition/incorporation of their department/division name to the official logo for use on letterhead, envelopes, and marketing and promotional materials.  An MJC logo with the division or department name incorporated must be prepared by the Public Relations Office so that it meets the college's graphic standards. A request for a department/division logo may be made using the Design Request Form.