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General Questions

Q: What is CalWORKs?
A:CalWORKs is a statewide public assistance program that provides TANF/cash aid and services to eligible low income families that have a child(ren) in the home. Apply for benefits through your local county office. (click here to apply)

MJC CalWORKs Program serves students receiving TANF/cash aid and is instrumental in providing critical education, training, support services and job opportunities to assist students in reaching their educational and career goals. Our program is dedicated to guide students through a successful educational journey that will help them achieve long-term economic self-sufficiency.
Q: Who is eligible for CalWORKs?
A: To be eligible for the MJC CalWORKs program students must:

  • Receive cash assistance in the form of TANF/Cash Aid, for themselves and a child, from their local Community Services Agency.
  • Enroll at Modesto Junior College.
  • Complete a FAFSA application each academic year (October 1st).
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 (both cumulative and semester).

Q: What services does MJC CalWORKs provide?
A: Modesto Junior College CalWORKs Program works collaboratively with Stanislaus County Community Services Agency to provide the following support services:

  • Priority Registration
  • Student Advocacy
  • Coordination of Communication Between CalWORKs Students and Stanislaus County
  • Ongoing Career and Academic Counseling
  • Work-Study Opportunities
  • Childcare
  • Textbook Vouchers, Reimbursements, & Book Loans
  • Tutoring referrals
  • Emergency Bus Passes/ Transportation Assistance
  • Financial Aid Application Assistance
  • Monthly Attendance Reports
  • Referrals to Other On and Off Campus Programs
  • CalWORKs Student Support Service Center
  • Community Services Agency Case Manager(s) on site

Q: How do I join the MJC CalWORKs program?
A: Complete the MJC CalWORKs application (available under forms on the main CalWORKs page).

Page two of the application has a check list that must be completed before turning it into our office.

New MJC students that are not enrolled in MJC, must submit an admissions application for enrollment (click here). Once processed, the Admissions Office will send an acceptance email, which includes your student ID#, registration date and time as well as your next steps. Must have student ID# to complete next steps.

Returning MJC students that were at one time enrolled at MJC, but have not attended within the past year, must submit an admissions application to reactive your student status. (click here)

Q: If I receive CalWORKs benefits (cash aid/TANF), can I get financial aid?

A: Yes, a CalWORKs participant should be eligible to receive financial aid. You are required to complete the FAFSA each academic year. Most federal grants, state grants, and work study are considered “excluded income,” which means your TANF should not be reduced or cut off because you get financial aid.

CalWORKs Work-Study

Q: What is CalWORKs work-study?
A: The MJC CalWORKs Program provides on-campus work-study opportunities in order to develop and/or strengthen workplace skills while completing your educational goals. You must be participating in your counties Welfare-to-Work program and your school must be an approved activity.

Modesto Junior College offers both Federal Work Study (awarded through Financial Aid) and CalWORKs work study. Both programs can provide up to 20 hours of work per week. Students are paid current minimum wage. Wages earned through either of these work study programs do not count against your cash aid/TANF or CalFresh.

Q: Who is eligible for MJC CalWORKs work study and how do I apply?
A: To be eligible for the Work-Study program, you must:

  • Be enrolled in Modesto Junior College and be in good standing with the college and be current with the MJC CalWORKs program.

  • Be participating in your counties Welfare-to-Work program and your school must be an approved activity.

  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units during the Fall and Spring semesters and a minimum of 3 units during the Summer semester.

  • Must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

  • Meet with our CalWORKs counselor prior to each semester for your semester referral.

   To apply for the Work-Study Program, you must:

  • Be current and in good standing with the MJC CalWORKs program – current semester referral required.

  • Complete the Work-Study application (available in the CalWORKs office)

  • Complete the WTW6 to request a voucher to start the fingerprint process.

  • Attach an up-to-date, accurate, professional looking resume.

Q: Am I guaranteed CalWORKs work-study if I turn in an application?
A: No. Once you turn in an application, it will be processed, we will verify that you are eligible (receiving TANF) and that your school is an approved activity on your Welfare-to-Work plan. Your fingerprint voucher request will be sent to your case manager. Once you receive the voucher, take it to the MJC Campus Security office located on West Campus, Sierra Hall 151 or East Campus, Journalism 150. They will process the paperwork and refer you to an offsite location to complete your fingerprints (additional charge).

As on-campus positions come available we will send resumes to the departments requesting student workers. Hopefully, you will receive a call directly from a department interested in setting up an interview with you. If you get an interview, remember to dress for success and be prepared to answer questions. If the department decides to hire you, you will be referred back to our office to fill out employment paperwork. It is up to each department which student or students they choose to hire. If you are not hired, we will continue to try to find a department for you.