Foreign Transcript Information


Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a National Associate in Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) affiliated foreign transcript service before they are submitted to MJC. The cost of the evaluation is the responsibility of the student.

What must be included in a foreign transcript evaluation?

  1. A detailed equivalency report that indicates for each course, it's U.S. semester unit equivalency.
  2. The grade the student earned for each course.
  3. A course-by-course analysis.
  4. Course characteristics with distinction between lower and upper division coursework.

What should you do before getting your foreign transcript evaluated?

It is recommended that you meet with an academic counselor or the division offices that offer the courses before requesting transcript evaluation to help determine whether it's worthwhile to pay a transcript evaluation fee, depending on the selected program of study and your previous coursework.

Requests for equivalencies should be made directly to the MJC division offices that offer the courses. You should submit as much information about the classes as possible. When requesting equivalency from a division, students should include:

  • course descriptions provided by the transfer institution
  • course syllabi with lecture and or lab hours, any prerequisites
  • any other course information available

Only lower division courses will be considered for equivalency by the MJC divisions. All grades of C or better will be converted to a Pass grade. These units will not be counted toward the student's GPA. Please note: Foreign coursework will NOT satisfy general education requirements for English Composition, U.S. History/Government as well as transfer GE requirements. The list of NACES organizations can be found here.

Please see the Modesto Junior College catalog for more information regarding Credit from Institutions Outside the United States.