Modesto Junior College Promise

Modesto Junior College is participating in the California College Promise/AB 19 - Offering Free Tuition. 

Academic Year Semesters Free Tuition Covers
2020 - 2021 - Click Here
  • Summer 2020
  • Fall 2020 
  • Spring 2021
2019 - 2020 - Click Here
  • Summer 2019
  • Fall 2019
  • Spring 2020


Who's eligible?

All first-time college students (including students who earned college units while still in high school) who meet the following criteria:

  • Filed a FAFSA or CADAA
  • Submit all documents on your "20-21 Document Request Notice"
  • Must be a California resident or AB540 resident
  • Enrolled in 12 or more units for Fall 2020 semester
  • Complete 12 or less college units prior to Fall 2020 semester
  • Not eligible for California College Promise Grant (formerly Board of Governors Fee Waiver)

How can I apply?

Students do not need to apply!  The Student Financial Services Office will award students who meet eligibility criteria automatically.  If you were not awarded, and believe you are eligible for the award, click on the academic year in the table above to submit a California College Promise Request Form.

Is this program free for all students?  

Yes, this program is not awarded on the basis of financial need.

What is covered?
Type of Cost Does Promise Cover
Enrollment Fees ($46 per unit) Yes
Health Fee No
Rep Fee No
Center Fee No
Material Fees No
How will tuition be paid?

Students' fees will be waived once their eligibility is determined.  No direct cash disbursements will occur.

Can students get their tuition waived if they take more than 12 units?


How long is this program good for?

The California College Promise is valid only for the students' first year. Students who qualified for the first year may qualify for a second year, as long as they meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), enroll today!

Please click here to view MJC Free Tuition Video!