Your journey to developing a fulfilling career includes preparing for your future position. Employers are seeking well-rounded students with the ability to apply their education to real world experiences.

You’ll focus on:

1. Expand your Jobspeaker  portfolio to include volunteer activities, student organization participation, completed certificates and employment (Exploration activities).

2. Explore what you can do with your major or certificate.

3. Continue to search and participate in opportunities that will help you develop the qualities and skills employers are looking for such as leadership, analytical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills.

4. Participate in Career Services Center professional readiness workshops and events.

    • Resume and Cover Letter
    • Interview Techniques
    • Job Search Skills
    • Employer Expectations
    • Career Mixer Opportunities

5. Begin to develop a positive, professional online presence.

    • Join LinkedIn and begin to build community by following companies and groups related to your interests.
    • Review your social media presence and ensure it displays your desire of building a solid reputation.

6. Meet with Career Services Center staff to discuss and prepare yourself to apply for internships.

    • Begin researching specific employers and professions with the goal of identifying places to intern.