eLumen is an outcomes-assessment and program-planning data management system. It’s a cloud-based software that’ll enable us to collect and manage various types of data thus allowing us to make further observations and inferences about student learning.

Note: If you're in a hurry and are looking for a quick guide to help you enter data, then click on number 8 in the list below.

  1. MJC's eLumen site
  2. How to sign up for eLumen
  3. Video: How to get started in eLumen (log in and password instructions)
  4. Video: Understanding your eLumen page
  5. Difference(s) between Assessment & Activity in eLumen (pdf) or https://my.visme.co/projects/01ozrj06-assessment-activity
  6. Video: Add Activity Link
  7. Quick Data Entry (video)
  8. Signing in and entering data
  9. Before adding an assessment
  10. Video: Adding an assessment
  11. Creating a separate activity for each SLO
  12. Video: Creating a separate activity for each SLO
  13. How to deal with Fall 2015 data entry in eLumen
  14. Video: eLumen Reports
  15. eLumen Q&A Fact Sheet
  16. Finding CLOs in CurricUNET
  17. Finding CLOs in eLumen
  18. What's "Mapping" in eLumen? (video)
  19. What's Data Mapping? (pdf)
  20. How to map in eLumen? (Video for department coordinators and division coordinators)
  21. Steps to map in eLumen (pdf for department & division coordinators)
  22. How to run a PLO report (For department and division coordinators)

Data-Entry Labs 

We're entering CLO data for spring 2019 courses per each department's assessment schedule.

Please note: Traditionally, we aim to enter all spring data by the end of May. Based on that, May 31 is our target date.
SLO-Data-Entry Workshops for Spring 2019 (white text on blue background)