This page is for MJC educators who need basic information in order to engage in outcomes assessment.

Let's begin:


I. Click on the yellow image with the text "The Basics" to access some basic information about SLOs.

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 2. Click on the image below with the text "eLumen" for logging into eLumen. Remember: Your username is the entire yosemite email address.


3. Click on the image below with the text "HOW TO . . . Videos & Documents to navigate eLumen"

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 4. To know if a class you're teaching is up for assessment during the time span of fall 2017- spring 2019,
click on the blue image below with the text "Fall 2017-Spring 2019 Schedules."

DUE DATES for DATA ENTRY: Jan 31 for fall semesters & May 31 for spring semesters

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  • To update the old schedule, click on the brown icon, find your department, and click on the link.
  • An excel sheet will download; edit, save, and send to &

 5. To access a colleague on the OAW (Outcomes Assessment Workgroup), click on the blue image below with the text "OAW: A Standing Workgroup that's committed to assisting you."

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 6. To access the SLO Handbook & Program-Review process, click on the image below.

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