Health Education

Health Education Program "Mission Critical"

The nation's interest in health and wellness has been on the rise in the last few years due to reports on obesity, diabetes and chronic disease. Community colleges cannot overlook their responsibilities to educate student about healthy behaviors and choices. Also, the expending field of health education through public or community agencies and the schools require trained professional for positions of leadership, supervision and instruction. The professionals will deal with complex issues such as physical and mental well-being, substance abuse, exercise, environmental and consumer health, disease control, human sexuality, family relations, death and dying, first aid and emergency care. Since careers in the Health Education field usually requires a minimum of a four-year degree, students interested in health education are given an introduction to health through our five basic health and safety courses. They are also advised to follow General Education and Transfer requirements for four-year colleges.

The goals of out Health Education program are aligned with the Mission Statement of MJC. All of our health courses recognize our students as individuals requiring responsive, diverse, and flexible lifelong learning opportunities. By utilizing the majority of our full-time faculty, we provide excellence in instruction. We also advance the economic development and quality of life in our surrounding community by offering Health Education courses that provide certification and knowledge or job placement opportunities.