Questions & Answers

  1. Question: Will my classes be dropped if I do not pay for my fees?
    Answer: No, you will not be dropped from your classes for non-payment. It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes they have registered for but do not plan on attending. 

  2. Question: How do I apply for a refund if I have a credit balance on my account?
    Students have the option of leaving the credit on their account for up to two (2) years. This credit can be used for future registration or apply for a refund here.

  3. Question: Is there a payment plan available?
    Answer: No, payment plans are not available at this time.

  4. Question: What should I do if a sponsor is paying my fees?
    Answer: It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the sponsor has provided the proper authorization to MJC’s Business Services Office or Columbia’s Business Services Office.

  5. Question: How can I make a payment on PiratesNet without an email account?
    Answer: PiratesNet payments require an email address in order to process your payment. Activate your student email prior to making payment so you can complete your payment process and receive confirmation of payment.

  6. Question: How do I know that my payment was successful on PiratesNet?
    Answer: When payment is successful you should see a popup acknowledge page followed by a confirmation email.  A printed copy of your schedule will show your account balance, as well as all the classes you are registered for or on the waitlist for. If you believe the balance owed is incorrect, you can contact the Business Services Office at 575-6828.

  7. Question: How do I apply for the California College Promise Grant Fee Waiver?
    Answer: You can apply for the California College Promise Grant fee waiver online at