Frequently Asked Questions

Columbia College Students: Please refer to the Columbia College Business Services department for accurate information regarding policies and procedures.

Will my classes be dropped if I do not pay my tuition fees?

No, MJC students will not be dropped from any class for non-payment of tuition fees. Enrollment Services provides information about dropping a class from your schedule here.

When are my tuition fees due?

Enrollment fees create an outstanding balance at the time of registration, however, partial payments can be made to pay the balance in full by the term’s end. Students are not dropped from classes due to non-payment.

IMPORTANT: Access to school services, class registration, and official documents may be restricted or prohibited when an outstanding balance is due.

How do I request a refund if I have a credit balance on my account?

Students may request a refund online through their PiratesNet account. For details about refunds, including how to submit a request, please visit our Refunds and Disbursements page.

Is there a payment plan option available?

No, payment plans are not available at this time. Partial payments of any amount may be made at any time online through PiratesNet. For information about payments, please visit our Make a Payment page.

What should I do if a sponsor is paying my fees?

The organization or program sponsoring a student may forward their authorization to bill to MJC Business Services. MJC may only bill student fees to the sponsor as indicated on the authorization to bill. It is the student’s responsibility to report fees and charges accurately to their sponsoring program, and when any applicable changes have been made to the student’s account. The Authorization to Bill form can be found here. Sponsors may contact the MJC Business Services office with questions at (209) 575-6828.

How can I make a payment on PiratesNet without an email account?

All MJC students are assigned a student email account that may be used when making online payments. Activate your student email account prior to making a payment to access this feature and receive payment confirmations.

How do I know that my online payment was successful?

Once payment is complete students will receive immediate confirmation on the payment screen as well as a confirmation email. Student account statements (available on PiratesNet) will show when payments have been applied to an account. Student account balances are also reflected on their class schedules. 

I cannot register for classes because I owe fees. What do I need to do?

Students may not register for additional classes with a balance higher than $199.99. Payment to lower the balance can be made online through PiratesNet. For information about maximum balance policies, please visit our Policies & Procedures page.

If a student believes their fees should be covered by financial aid, it is recommended they review their financial aid award letter or speak with the Financial Aid department.

I tried to make an online payment, but my payment was cancelled. What does this mean?

If an online payment is cancelled, this means the payment request was declined. Please contact your financial institution for information regarding why the payment was declined.